Head Gear Reviews by Loevhagen
  1. Project Sunrise II

    3.50 star(s)
    Can be bought ready built (USD279) or cheaper as a kit. Tube is 6n23p "Reflektor". ---- Comments answered: - Thanks for the 5751 tube information. Ordered some tubes, including a 5751 - I still prefer the other amps for the Audezes, but not for HE-500. Love the soundstage, vocals and details the combo provides
  2. Violectric HPA V200

    5.00 star(s)
    After several months, I used both the V200 and Burson HA-160D. I find that they both are excellent amps to e.g. K702, LCD-2, HE-300 and HE-500. Last week I decided that the 160D had to go, since I always reverted to the V200 for all these headphones. There is something likeable with the V200 sound signature and build quality.   The project86 and WA reviews elaborate further.
  3. HiFiMAN HE-300

    4.00 star(s)
      1) HE-500 sounds darker and smoother than the HE-300. Not the other way around. IMHO. 2) HE-300 articulates better than HE-500 and for some, the HE-300 will feel like fresh air / an opened window to the music compared with the HE-500 3) HE-300 has a bass impact the excels the K70x. They are worlds apart. Generally the K702 is perceived tuned quite brighter through the whole spectrum than the HE-300 4) HE-300 and the HE-500 have both good comfort, the former is best for those appreciating it's net weight and the latter for those finding...