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    Approximating Headphone Volume Output (dB)

    Quote:   Thanks, that's a great tool. Found out I listen to almost-no-DR music in a very quiet environment at 52dB SPL (assuming output voltage or a rockboxed ClipZip is 800mV), which I think is good.
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    My #1 gripe with head-fi forum members

    Quote:   Completely agree. I participate in another smaller forum and it's much better to have a single recommendations thread. If someone else creates a new thread they get answered, but they are aso directed to the main thread. It just simplifies things: would you rather have a wallet...
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    My #1 gripe with head-fi forum members

    Quote:   Something like requesting people who are reselling to state so. If I want to pay more for something I should be allowed to. Head-Fi doesn't give me any assurances about my sales, they aren't eBay, if something goes wrong the most they can do is ban the other user. So if it all...
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    RE-ZERO dissapointment

    Comply foams might be a better match with the RE-Zeros if your goal is to cut the brightness or add some warmth. They also isolate better than the Hybrids.
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    Why do CDs sound better than loss less audio files?

    I received Sonic Youth's album Goo a few months ago, which is very well recorded and mastered IMO. I ripped it with EAC and the log showed everything went well, so the files should be identical. I'll try playing the files and then the CD to see if I can hear differences. However I'll have to use...
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    NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

    Quote:   While I don't hate Monster, things like this make me seriously doubt their integrity. It's a story that's been around for some time, that one has pictures.
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    NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

    If Beats wins this moronic sue, it opens a lot of dangerous questions. For example think of the Sennheiser HD650/600. Apart from the color, their design couldn't be simpler: oval cups with metal grills covering the entire outer cup. It's really as simples as an open headphone gets. If I was...
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    NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

    I thought the legal basis for this kind of foolish lawsuit was that you could prove the company with original design might lose potential customers because they had mistaken their product for the imitating company's product (i.e. they bought Yamaha phones thinking they were Beats). Since in this...
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    The T50RP Paradox | reviews, discussion, & mini-tour impressions (index in second post)

    I had a chance to demo the HD800 a few days ago, which in Lisbon is really special - I made a note in my schedule to save the day. So now I'm wondering how does the Paradox compare to the HD800. I realize that comparing an open dynamic with a closed ortho isn't easy, but just a general idea...
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    Looking for a pair of In ears for college

    Yes, nevermind the RE-0 both for they bright sound and their durability issues. You should consider getting a cheap IEM hard case, they cost like 4$ on eBay and can really help with durability. VSonic has pretty good cables, but I think they use an over-ear design and have a more neutral sound.
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    Shure SRH750DJ headphones appreciation thread.

    They have a bit of metallic mids, the vocals might not sound all that natural with well-recorded rock. With J-Pop, I wouldn't worry too much.
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    Meet 'Typical Headfier' Andy

    Quote:   Quote:   Best ones so far =)