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    Focal Clear Trade-in Event at ($500 off)

    Tyll Herstens called the Focal Clear "The best overall headphones I've ever heard" Save $500 on the legendary Focal Clear at Just trade in any old pair of headphones to get a brand new pair of Clears...
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    Focal Elegia is $200 Off At

    Thanks! Sometimes it takes longer than 30 days to really experience a headphone. A good pair of headphones should bring you enjoyment for years and If you don't love the headphones you bought from us we don't want you to be stuck with them. We'd rather help you get the right pair.
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    Thanks for the kind words!
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    Awesome. I hope you love the new headphones! I honestly don’t think there’s a better headphone for the price right now.
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    Thanks! I understand the disbelief. When we initially considered offering a 365-day return policy we thought it was crazy too. However, I'm a giant spreadsheet nerd and I modeled out the worst-case scenarios. When I did that I realized that it's actually something we could do for the long-term...
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    Yes it does, however there are a few products that we are not allowed to ship to France (we are limited by some of our vendors and export license).
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    Yes. That's exactly how I am too. It's your second example that is not using the policy for its intended purpose. If that pattern bore out over a few years we would stop selling to that individual. However, these really are edge cases as we have a personal relationship with most of our...
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    We don't only tolerate it, we encourage it. Headphones are about experience and we want people to experience them before needing to make a huge investment. That being said, we expect most people to be reasonable and do their research before picking up a few pairs. While we don't put hard...
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    That's a great question. We love headphones and wanted to build the kind of headphone store we always wished existed. So we decided to build our return policy for our best customers instead of building it for the lowest common denominator (in this case, people who abuse return policies). There...
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