Married, 0 kids, 1 Yorkshire terrier
Muisc (of course!!) Reading, Movies, Football, PS3, Xbox 360
Xbox 360
Nintendo DSi XL
Headphone Inventory
• HE-6

• B&W P5

• Livewires T1 with stevenkelby SPC recable

Previously had the pleasure of:
• AKG K1000 #11150
• Stax SR-007 Mk1 #70310
• Stax SR-003
• D5000 stock then Markl mod & re-cabled with 22g Jena wire as balanced
• HD650 stock then recabled with Zu Mobius V1 balanced cable with S² Audio maple burl woodies
• Sennheiser HD1000 Charleston
• Ms1i -> on permanent loan to my darling wife :)
• MS1000 (MS1 with wooden distancers and Grado GS1000 pads)
• Grado 325i #6230 stock then Grey Cardas recable by apuresound
• ALO Modded SR-80 with wood cups, 22g Jena recable and distressed brown Jmoney leather headband
• AKG K701
• Yuin PK2

Demo'd at the Scotland meet '08:
• Stax SR-007 MK1
• Senn HE60
• TakeT H2
• AKG K1000
• Stax SR-202
• Stax Lambda pro
• Audio Technica W5000
Headphone Amp Inventory
• 1983 'Class A' Silver Technics SU-V303 Amp with a 4-bit microcomputer!

Gone but not forgotten:

• Silver WooAudio GES, premium parts upgrade, 5 pin XLR socket, NOS 12BZ7 tubes
• Black Pico slim #32
• Silver Pico with DAC #491
• Black Nuforce uDAC 1
• Apogee Duet
• Headroom Balanced Desktop Amp including home DAC & Dedicated Power Supply
• Graham Slee Voyager
• Stevenkelby Teflon & Oimp Vcap dock #1
• Black Limited Edition Gilmore Lite & Dedicated Power Supply #9
• RSA Black Tomahawk #T495
• C&C box V2
Source Inventory
• 24" iMac with PureMusic software
• 13" Macbook Pro 128GB SSD with PureMusic software
• 16GB 3G iPad + camera kit + Matrix Cube
• Audio GD REF 7 DAC
• Spotify Premium

Used to own:
• HifiMAN HM-801
• 3rd Gen 32GB ipod touch
• M2Tech Hiface
• Silver Pico Dac #121
• Silver Pico with DAC #491
• Sony NS930V SACD player QS Range
• Sony X1050 Walkman
• 3rd Gen 4gb silver ipod nano
• 2nd Gen 32gb ipod touch -> traded for Sony X1050 Walkman
• 17" intel imac
• Wadia 170 itransport
• Cambridge Audio 640c V2 CDP
• 160gb ipod Classic
• 5.5G 80gb iMod
• 5G 30gb ipod video
• 4gb ipod mini
• 2nd Gen 2gb ipod shuffle
• 1st Gen 4gb iphone
• 4th Gen 8gb yellow ipod nano
• 3rd Gen 4gb silver ipod shuffle
Cable Inventory

• Achtung Audio 5 wire litz Rca to Rca cable 0.5m
• Mark Grant custom G1000HD Rca to Mini coax able 0.5m
• Fidelity Audio Enthusiast Rca to Rca 1m
• Custom Mark Grant IEC mains cable
• Custom Mark Grant Fig 8 mains cable
• Merlin Funnellweb mains IEC cable

Gone to another home
• TWag 4" right angle mini to mini cable
• TWag Viablue miniplug to carbon fibre RCA cable 0.5m
• Nordost "Valhalla" Digital RCA
• Locus Design Polestar mini USB cable
• AudioPath Silver 16 wire mini to RCA cable 0.5m
• Lil' Knight Cryoed Vampire & solid silver iphone/ipod LOD
• Stevenkelby Micro LOD
• Solid silver in teflon RCA to RCA cable 0.5m
• Zu Pivot mini to RCA cable 0.5m
• Stevenkelby duet breakout cable 0.5m
• Custom Mark Grant 0.5m RCA cables
• Headphile Blackgold 0.5m RCA cables
• Custom Stevenkeby iMod dock cable with USB socket
• Stevenkelby ipod LOD
• Van Den Hul Optocoupler MkII Toslink to Miniplug
• ALO Silk LOD
• ALO Cotton LOD
• Turbo V9 LOD
Power-Related Components
• Russ Andrews Mini purifier
• Merlin Funnellweb 4 way mains extension
Audio-Related Tweaks
• 4 x Monster Quicklock MkII Gold Flex Pin Connectors
• 2 x Telos Audio Teflon RCA Caps, courtesy of quaddy :)
• 2 x Teflon HAL-O Jr RCA dampening rings
• 4 x Gaboon ebony domes
• 3 x Russ Andrews wooden cones
• 2 x Sundance headphone stands from S² Audio
• Beyerdynamic DT250 headband
Music Preferences
Rock, Jazz, Pop, RnB, Dance, Easy Listening
Rowmote Pro app
Apple magic mouse
Sign Maker/Fitter


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