impulsive-compulsive audio shopper
RC flying, triathlons and mountain biking
Flying RC helis, kayaking, woodworking and cycling. Hooked on triathlons.
Headphone Inventory
HD600 w/Cardas, Old Grado SR60, Ety ER6i, Koss KSC-75, PX100 w/Cardas, Grado SR60i, Grad SR225 w/TTVJ flats, Brainwavz Betas, Koss Image One, Monoprice 8320 (really) and Shure SE215s.

AKG 501' Grado RS-1, Grado RS-2 and Sennheiser HD650.
Headphone Amp Inventory
RSA Hornet M ,Vintage Penquin amp, Headroom Bithead, Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball and Schiit Magni.

Headroom Little, Headroom Cosmic, Headroom Max, Single Power, RSA Stealth, Audiovalve RKV, Schitt Valhalla and a few MG Heads. Wish I still had one...
Source Inventory
Marantz DV8400 ,Apple Macbook, Photo iPod, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano Panasonic PCDP and Apple TV2, iPad2 and Cambridge Audio MagicDAC and Audioquest Dragonfly.
Cable Inventory
Mostly Cardas, Kimber, Moon Audio Blue Dragon, Monoprice optical, Audioquest Dragontail and ALO Cotton Dock.
Other Audio Equipment
B&K, B&W, Paradigm, Tivoli and modded T-amp
Audio-Related Tweaks
Sam Adam, Blue Moon
Music Preferences
Jazz, String quartet classical and 70-80's rock
Tivo or iPhone
diagnostic tech


As long as it sounds good. That's what matters!