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    Stax SRD-7 Pro Bias&Normal Bias driver for electrostatic headphone.

    What mod have you made? The left socket have been Pro bias from original!
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    Small portable amp recommendation for a noob

    I know some sites had them on sale for USD 20 some time ago. For US addresses only! I got mine for USD 50 with shipping included, and was happy about that price. The price Brookstone was selling them for while they were still in production was closer to USD 200! So to say the eBay price of USD...
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    Small portable amp recommendation for a noob

    Brookstone has discontinued this item. Some companies had low price sellouts. What is available now seems to be last minute items found in a drawer or like. To say eBay has "premium price" is not vey accurate! You want it free?
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    Small portable amp recommendation for a noob

    The Brookstone amplifier is recommended, sound and function, as well as low price. They do pop up on eBay now and then, there is one there now!
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    Need some help about Mojo and Senn HD660S

    Do you have any idea about what you write here? The Mojo is perfectly able to maintain its power from a computer, but it has two different and separate inputs for signals and power. So you will need to use two USB-outputs from your computer, and separate USB-cables each feeding the different...
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    Self-powered DACs and battery lifetime

    As long as you have the DAC plugged in, it will work regardless of the battery loosing capacity. If you want to use it running on battery, running down the battery and recharging will keep the battery in good running state for a long time. And most good quality units can have the batteries...
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    Brookstone Big Blue Bluetooth Amplifier (dac amp) - really?

    The Brookstone is a "slave" in the Bluetooth chain, and you can never unpair the connection from the "slave". I know of no Bluetooth device that can do that. You must unpair the connection from the "master" device, here your phone or computer. But as long as the current "master" device is either...
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    Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

    Where? Did a search now, cheapest available was $570. OK, less than the $3500 I have seen! But still, $570 is a bit steep.
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    transport audio through Wifi instead of USB OTG to USB DAC

    Chord MoJo with the Poly module attached can receive WiFi (though at a price for this small setup!) ! Most smartphones can act as a WiFi hotspot. But I cannot see if any smartphone can transmit music directly to the WiFi . Maybe a tablet? So if you can make an app for your smartphone to do this...
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    FIXED (please delete)

    If you could move it out without breaking anything, so you could clean the surfaces between the stem and the housing. Use cleaning containing alcohol / spirits, not anything that will etch / soften plastics. Then carefully glue together with two components Araldit or similar. Never use Super...
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    FIXED (please delete)

    Can you move it, out or in?
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    FIXED (please delete)

    Is the stem loose from the housing?
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    FIXED (please delete)

    By the photos you have shown, and your description, only a very short piece of the stem is broken off? The stem is the part that is opaque, all the way down to the housing of the IEM. So why do you feel this is not enough for the Spinfits to slide over and down, and stay put?
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    FIXED (please delete)

    What outer ear-tips are you using? Can you still get them to slide over the thick, remaining outermost part of the stem, and slide all in on the remaining stem? Would there still be a problem? If there still is a problem, you could find some foam-tips that fit, and are thick enough (and deep...