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    Tokyo Fujiya Avic Headphone festival Spring 2012 meet impressions

    Awesome pictures and review of the festival! Thank you very much!   I can see that you caught a glimpse of the new Stax' portable system; SRS-002. Did you hear anything about it actually being released, and if so when? 
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    Little Dot Mk V Output Impedance?

    Quote:   Wouldn't the higher load increase the damping factor?      DF = Zload/Zsource 25ohm load/32ohm output = 0,78 145ohm load/32ohm output = 4,53     or have i misunderstood something along the way? The output impedance on Mk V is 32ohms.
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    Little Dot Mk V Output Impedance?

    I understood it as such; an impedance adapter will increase the total load. One couples the adapter in series with the headphones which increases the total load. Example; 25ohm headphone + 120ohm impedance adaper = 145ohm load. With Mk V this will increase the damping factor significantly. As...
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    Little Dot Mk V Output Impedance?

    I just got an email from David at Little Dot. He said the output impedance om Mk V is 32ohms. Thanks to David for replying!
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    Review of Little Dot MKV Dual Mono Solid State Headphone Amplifier

    Does anyone here know what the output impedance is on the headphone output? There is generally very little information regarding this on the producers website and on the web....   I've sent an email to the company regarding this, but after reading about this here on Head-Fi I suspect that...
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    Little Dot Mk V Output Impedance?

    Thanks guys for all your replies!   I'm in dialog with a guy that can do several measurements in a "proffessional" enviroment. I will come back to you whn we have some of the results! :)
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    Little Dot Mk V Output Impedance?

    Hi evereybody!   Do any of you know the headphone output impedance on the Little Dot Mk V?   I've tried to search the web and this forum, but it seems that people only tend to be annoyed by the same question, without anyone having any clues. Does anyone have any ideas/actually know?  ...
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    Review: Violectric HPA V200

    Damn! I had planned to buy V200 for my incoming LCD-2's. It really seems like it would be a very bad combination with lcd-2 because of the output impedance and audible properties.   Do you know about any good neutral headamps with high output, and which is suitable for high- and low...
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    How to import Denon D7000 from USA to Norway?

    Hi everyone!     Recently i've really started to think about upgrading from D5000 to D7000, but since the norwegian dealer (only one) has a horrific high price on D7000 ( equal to 1700 dollars) i've begun to think about other options for getting my hands on these magnificent headhones.  ...