Head Gear Reviews by kvtaco17
  1. Audio-gd NFB29

    4.50 star(s)
    So I've had this thing for a bit now... first one to ship into the wild and arrive at its home. I'd say I'm pretty confident I know what this thing sounds like.   The interface is classic AudioGD, simple and intuitive, the unit can act as a amp, DAC, or both, meaning you can use any amp OR DAC with it and really understand how each section sounds.     I used this unit mostly as a DAC, BUT I did find time to really put the amp section through it's paces.   Build   Solid, tank like... nice touch with the stepped attenuator... The knob has a...
  2. Grado Labs PS500e

    4.00 star(s)
    I received my demo unit from TTVJ not long ago, again many thanks to Grado, and Todd for making this happen!   PS500e   I have been a long time owner/lover of the PS500, they are my laid back can... easy to listen to on any device. Honestly, I believe these could be powered by a rock and fed by a  brick based DAC and perform fine. The new PS500e is no exception, it again sound great from anything, my Lumia 1520, Galaxy S5, Glenn OTL, Little Dot MK1+, MK3, 11.32, literally everything. They are efficient, more so than the outgoing model and require...
  3. Grado Labs RS1e

    4.50 star(s)
    Updated with a comparison to the RS1i... see below.   RS1e   I have about 100 hours on my pair... when I first got them they were very congested and odd sounding... I ran pink noise through them in for a few days, alternation between 10 minutes of noise and then 5 minutes of silence. I'm not a believer in burn-in BUT these seemed to change for the better with time.  I avoided listening to them after the initial OMG it's new period to avoid adjusting to them much... I listened to them for a few hours here and there but really utilized my holy...