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    can't log moderators!

    my old username (kugino) is no longer working. i am unable to log in using this username. when i request that an email be sent to me it says that an email has been sent, but i receive nothing. i've also tried emailing jude a number of times but haven't had any luck. i've had to create a new...
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    Email notifications?? Anyone?

    i haven't even been able to login since the "upgrade!" my original username, "kugino" doesn't work...and when i ask that an email be sent to me to reset my username/password, nothing gets sent. my 4 emails to jude have even been unanswered...either he's not getting them or i'm not receiving any...
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    WTB: singlepower mpx3/ppx3 in black

    please PM me if you have one of these you are thinking about selling. thanks!