Addicted to Music
Music...and finding more great music to listen to
Headphone Inventory
JH13 Pro(Frequency Phase),JH16Pro, Ultrasone Pro900, Denon D7000
SOLD - Heir 8.A, JH13 Pro, ACS T1,Shure SE530, Bang & Olufsen A8, Shure e3c, Klipsch s4, Etymotic HF3, EC700GM)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Cobra D10, Audioquest Dragon Fly
Source Inventory
DX90, DX100,
SOLD (Arcam Solo Neo,Cowon J3, Cowon S9, Sony Viao, Archos AV500) Hifiman HM-601, DX50
Music Preferences
Prog, Rock, Metal, Blues,Classical, Folk, Electronic,Ambient,World....pretty much Anything EXCEPT Urban, Rap, Hip-Hop, and most mainstream pop


Home portable: Mediamonkey > FLAC > Sony Vaio > Cobra 10\ Dragon Fly > Ultrasone Pro 900 \Denon D7000
Portable: FLAC > DX90 > JH13 Freq Ph
Sold: DX50, ACS T1, JH13 non FP, Heir Audio 8A
For Sale: JH16 non FP