Head Gear Reviews by Kojaku
  1. Head-Direct HiFiMan HM-101

    4.50 star(s)
    This little soundcard is worth every penny you pay. It's a clean, well-designed, sturdy piece of equipment Sound-wise, it should be noted that this DAC is very warm. It takes airy, what some may consider "cold" sound of the typical built-in soundcard in most laptops and turns it into warm, smooth sound. Now, my personal setup is pretty warm on its own. My headphones/IEMs (Grado sr225i woodied, RE-262, for example) are both warm, my current amp of choice, the cmoyBB v2.03, is also warm. So I've found the entire setup to now be a bit too warm. But...
  2. HEAD-DIRECT HiFiMan RE-262

    4.50 star(s)
    Packaging These IEM's come in a pleather casing with a mount for the earpieces as well as 3 adapter plugs (balanced, unbalanced regular polarity, unbalanced reversed polarity), 5 sets of replacement filters and 5 sets of earpieces (1 large bi-flange, 1 small bi-flange, Small olives, medium olives, large olives). The packaging is tasteful and more importantly, durable.   Build Quality The IEM's are made of a hard plastic, where the plastic housing terminates in a metal output nozzle. I have several friends who own RE0 and REZero and the cable...