Social politics, reverse engineering, photo/videography, kinda my new hobbies right now.
Montréal, Québec, Canada.
Bass/drums playing, snowboarding, skateboarding, swimming, photo/videography,
Social Movements.
Headphone Inventory
Wishlist :
Joseph Grado HP2i
Etymotic IEMs

Current :
Poor's man Grado ''HP-7'' (Brandes Post-War Radio Headset Headband, Brandes Steel Cups, Primo DH-40 Drivers from Nakamichi SP-7 Donor, Aluminum Housings Dynamat/Wool Modded & Sennheiser HD414 Black Pads)

Gone :
Grado HP-2 / SR-100 (HP1000 Drivers) / SR-200 (Transition Pink Drivers) / SR-325 Black / MS-2
Sennheiser HD25
Etymotic HF5
Headphone Amp Inventory
Current :
Schiit Freya w/ 2x CBS-Hytron Prototype Orange Label SA-312/6955 Output 2x Red Label 5814WA 50s Input Tubes & 6SN7 Gold Adapters.
Sony TA-F500ES Integrated Amplifier Headphone Out
TEAC A-2300SX Reel to Reel Tape
Hallicrafters SC-38C Ham Radio

Broken :
DIY Millett Starving Student Hybrid 12AU7 w/ 2x CBS-Hytron 5814WA 50s Tubes
DIY SOHA II w/ 2x CBS-Hytron 7318/SA-312 50s Tubes

Gone :
DIY EHHA Rev A w/ 2x Amperex Bugle Boy 6GM8 70s Tubes
Mister X Dynalo
Melos SHA-1
Portaphile V2^2 Maxxed
Source Inventory
Wishlist :
Channel Islands VDA-2 DAC + VAC-1 PSU

Current :
Roland Cakewalk UA-25 EX 24 Bit / 96 KHz USB 2.0 Interface
Sony Xperia Z5 32GB
Denon DP-26F Turntable
Yamaha DVD-S657 Player
TC Konnekt 24D Firewire/Optical Soundcard (In repair)
M-Audio Firewire Soundcard (In repair)
Creative Zen Touch 4GB
Iphone 4 16GB
Cable Inventory
Current :
Power-Related Components
Current :
Phillips Surge Protector
Other Audio Equipment
RCA LIMITED 40s 8'' 2-way Speaker
Electro Voice 60s 12'' 3-way Speaker Cabinet
Dynaco 70s A25X Soundscan Version Inverted Tweeters Passive 10'' 2-way Speakers
D-Box SD20AS Passive Monitors Modded To Passive 4'' Single Driver Speakers
JBL Active Monitors 4'' Woofer 1'' Tweeter 2-way Speakers
Oliver Sound PA100X Tube PA
Grommes 80s Solid State PA
Crown XLS PA
Audio-Related Tweaks
Internally Modded Acoustical Dampening
EnaBL Process
Capacitors Upgrade
Tube Rolling / Bias
Music Preferences
Instrumental Hip-Hop
Punk Rock
Post Rock
Vintage Nostalgic Gaming
Electronics AV Technician


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