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    Lyr vs Lyr 2?

    I've used my HE-560's on the Lyr1 and the Lyr2.   I cannot hear any noise on either amp with my HE-560's between tracks or with no music at all.   I have not tried any IEM's on either amp but the Lyr 2 is more versatile with its gain switch and better power supply.   (I can use my HD800's...
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    Gungnir Owners: Would you "upgrade" to another DAC under $2000ish?

    I put the Gungnir up against my Minimax Plus. The Minimax was in "Solid State" mode. I switched between the two using an April music Stello U3 spdif converter. Each DAC was connected to my preamp. Sources were switched on the preamp to go between the two. I noticed the Minimax had a slightly...