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    Sony MDR-XB950BT Bluetooth headphones

    FWIW I found these headphones to be just a tad too clampy. I stretched them out overnight around a not-too-large box and it seemed to have made a huge difference. Just clampy enough to isolate without discomfort.
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    MeElectronics Airfi Matrix2 AF62 - Bigger Earpads Mod

    Has anyone tried other pads on this? I kinda feel like the HM5 changes the sound profile quite a bit
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    Cad Audio mh310

    I got them for the same reason. They're great.
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    Please help (Budget = ~$50)

    Quote: But the SR850s are semi-open. Ahhh this is killing me!  
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    Please help (Budget = ~$50)

    I've been looking at headphones for weeks. Upgrading from Sennheiser HD-202s. Here are my parameters:   Budget around $50 (willing to go a bit higher if it's worth it) Will be used primarily for gaming Recently got the Ear Force DSS 7.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound Processor...
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