Kammerat Rebekka
Back when I was dating Jane Fonda’s yoga master, Katjing Roberts, I was talked into placing coconuts on my head. This started a long love affair with all things nuts….which then lead me to Head-Fi. Here I have been chasing fish and breathing in large quantities of sterling, and as a result I now hear music in tertiary colours.
Jane told me to sneak in a big lurch in order to maintain the dac and lard foundation to develop true audiophile reasoning..but I failed catastrophically and blew up a small welsh whale.
‘1s and 0s honey!!’
-Jane Fonda
Bumblebees, swords, Sweden, colours, very tall trees, matter, women, mountains, chili, the Navajo, Douglas Adams, birds, Burkina Faso, leaks, Jack Kerouac, waves, bicycles and odd shoes.
Headphone Inventory
Sennie: HD600 | HD580 Precision | HD58X Jubilee | HD490 Pro
KGB: K712 Pro | K371 Pro
High-Phi Man: HE500
Aunt: AR5000

REM: Truthear Hexa, Audiofly AF1120, AKG for Samsung

“TOTL headphones” I have either owned or auditioned:
AB1266 TC (extremely pricey trainwreck. Void of tuning. Uncomfortable and unhandy..can’t even lie down with it)
Raal CA-1a (Perhaps one of the poorest sounding headphones I’ve come across. Had me laughing out loud. Strange tuning with little to no ear gain. Also looks and feels like a scarecrow…which it in effect is)
GS3000/PS2000 (uncomfortable and absolutely horrendous sounding. Usual Grado tuning that bases the uppermids and treble almost entirely on peaks. AGGRESSIVE and wholly bereft of smooth. Also absolutely bereft of any low bass. Even a Koss Porta Pro is more impressive regarding subbass)
Utopia (very very nice until we get to the highs..which are a little ‘sparkly’. Doesn’t sound as good as the HD600 imo)
009+007 (always sound off and slightly weird)
Heddphone (ditto the above…as well as being one of the most uncomfortable cans out there)
Solitaire P (the classic planar midrange drop-off..on steroids. Every sound ends up subdued..similar to hearing music in a snowy landscape)
Empyrean (Pseudo-Harman response with laidback mids. Very nice for poorly recorded music)
Susvara (pretty good sound at an abysmal price, yet again with the classic planar midrange problem)
D8000 Pro (pretty good sound for a 300$ planar..with midrange problems of course)
LCD-4 (like placing an anvil on your head. Poor mids)
Sendy Peacock (Pretty good and absolutely breathtaking build quality…yet doesn’t really outperform their much cheaper Aiva offering)
Verité (tuned like an old school planar: no upper mids and mediocre highs. NOT an openback…then again ZMF doesn’t sell any openbacks)
T1 3rd Gen (a refined Nighthawk for all those chocolate fans who are on their last pair of Nighthawk pads..and can’t find replacements. This Beyer is for you)
Atrium (Correction…now ZMF makes a (semi) open flagship…tuned like an HD650 with an absolute piercing treble peak. No thanks)
ADX-5000 (same thing going as HD800S/K812/Arya/HE1000SE but with a meatier delivery to the presentation. On the fence about this)
Rad-0 (like an old school Audeze with even less mids - see/hear the Solitaire P for reference)
Vocé (overdosing on the classic estat 1k honk. Strange presentation)
Rögnir (absolutely gorgeous headphone that sounds like a 200$ one)
Odin+Thror (ditto the above)
LCD-5 (Realistic presentation with a somewhat dark treble and some midrange ‘honk’. Very expensive and only really tops the HD600 in the bass imho)
HE-R10P (Strange, warm and altogether muffled tuning. Brainfart)
Radiante (Ditto the above)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Bake People HPA RS 02

Top tip: amplifiers turn up and down the volume…that’s about it. We’ve been making them for a hundred years and providing the manufacturer knows what he’s doing..well you effectively get an amp that sounds just like 95% of all other amps. The only differences come from impedance mismatching…but that is never the headphone or amp’s fault😉
Source Inventory
Flux Capacitor w/ kryptonite grid
Motel RCD-1072

Top tip: even your cheap run of the mill MP3 player/phone/whathaveyou has a dac that transforms the 0s and 1s to music within an error margin far below the threshold of human hearing. In short? Your iPhone is indestinguishable from a Chord Dave…when you aren’t using your peepers😉
Cable Inventory
If you often talk about silver cables ‘lifting the veil’ or something to that effect..there is a good chance I put you on ignore at some point. Definitely if you brought that nonsense into the headphone forum. Keep it in the dedicated cable forum thank you very much.
Top tip: If people on here start talking about cables as a means to achieve better sound quality...be sure to file that stuff where the sun doesn’t shine👍
Edith: yeahh…I’ve had to change my stance on putting the cable belivers on ignore. There are simply WAAAAY too many members on here who feel that cables improve their listening experience that me putting them on ignore ends up obfuscating the actual flow and meaning of conversation…and I get gibberish. I guess people hear what they see and believe. That is of course their prerogative😊
Edith ll: Some have gone back on ignore. I have a hard time with grown men going full retard.
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‘When you’re thinking about gear you’re not really listening to the music’ - Danish bear-fella