60+ Music lover both as listener and amateur keyboardist.
Music, travel, four wheeling...
Favourite activity... Spending time with family and grandkids.
Headphone Inventory
B&W: P5, P3;
Bose: QC15;
Sennheiser: HD700, HD600; Amperior (again), Momentum On-Ear
Shure: SRH840;
Ultimate Ears: TripleFi 10
Westone: W4R; UM3X
Yamaha: EPH-100;
Headphone Amp Inventory
Burson Soloist HA-160
Fiio E6, E17
Source Inventory
iBasso: DX50
iRiver: AK100 (for the third time... just love the form factor, storage and UI)
Apple: iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2, 6th Gen iPod, 4th Gen iPod Nano.
Cable Inventory
Yep, on every headphone there's a cable!
Other Audio Equipment
Awesome Home Theatre... Too much to list...
Audio-Related Tweaks
Spent a bundle looking for utopia but never on the absolute highest levels because my hearing is not what it used to be sadly.
Music Preferences
Mostly all variations of Rock, especially PF, LZ, and great guitar works,
Jazz except Dixieland,
Classical, especially Symphonic and Concerti, Sonatas, Quartets etc
Easy Listening,
Some Pop, Motown and even Country,
You name it, everything but RAP, Hip hop and the like.
Too much stuff to list... LOL
Retired and lovin' it!