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    Tokyo 2014 Spring Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival May 10-11

    I always miss out on being in town when HF meets are happening... this year I leave Tokyo before this meet but arrive home too late for the one in Sydney in early May!      Regarding the above: - Personally I'd take a minimum amount of cash and withdraw it as required. ATMs that take...
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    Band Name Game II

      Raphael Saddiq
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    Music Game IX

    "Invisible" - Annie
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

      They shouldnt have even bothered with the remake in the first place.   I dont understand why some people can't read and watch a movie at the same time (saw a poster for Oldboy when I watched Thor 2 last week - not looking forward to that... plus the first film of the vengeance trilogy was...
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    Visting Japan and Fujiya avic.

    The non-google translated website looks okay to me.   You can also try Yodobashi in Akiba among other places.
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

      I suppose.   I was tempted to leave after The Guardians Of The Galaxy tie-in... I didnt know if there was going to be anything interesting after that.
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

      I could have guessed that from the file name! Did you get a mk1 or mk2? I'm also thinking of getting one :)   Since we were recently talking bokeh, I took this during my regular morning stroll. Straight out of the camera the petals look a bit surreal.  
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

      Thor: The Dark World  6/10. Entertaining enough, but nothing special.   Did you stay until the end?   Hint to those who are planning to see Thor 2 - stay to the very very end ;) 
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    What book are you reading right now?

      If you guys dont mind me asking, why do people re-read books?
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    The Stax Thread III

    I wish I had the nicer looking carbon fibre case, or even just the foam with the headphone-shaped cut-out that came with those cases... 
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    ^Thanks for the details about ticket prices!   I'm planning to see Prisoners next (as I thought Incendies was really, really good so I'm wondering what the director's first English film will be like).
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    Currently in the process watching Werner Herzog's documentaries/interviews/conversations with death row inmates (Into the Abyss and On Death Row). I find it strangely fascinating.    Quote:   Also liked the doco. Pretty expensive to eat there!
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    The Stax Thread III

    btw, there are also differences among all variants of the sr-007 mk1s!
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Saw Gravity in 3D yesterday! Pretty good. There were instances when it felt like I was there. 8/10   Quote:   Just curious, how much does a movie ticket cost in the US?   Over here regular tickets are $19; 3D $23 (where aussie $1 = about US$0.94)
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    Music Game IX

      "Hold On" - Annie