Head Gear Reviews by jipan
  1. FiiO E10

    4.50 star(s)
    Much much much better than my onboard sound-card. Clean, black background, nice bass, nice vocals, nice treble if tad bright, nice separation, nice soundstage, nice bass boost. Everything is very nice, and at price only $80!!!!   And the features too! You got bass boost (as I already said before), gain switch, line out, coaxial out, and usb powered, and VERY TINY.
  2. MEElectronics M6-CL In-Ear Headphones (Clear)

    4.00 star(s)
    Very good sound for the price, at least the one I paid. Good bass, good vocals if tad laid back, and nice simmering treble if tad bright.   Isolation is good IF you can get good seal. I had to adjust the IEM several time to find the seal and comfort. Use the bi-flange for the best isolation second only to the triple-flange. The nozzle is tad smaller than the usual universal IEM so finding flange replacement is a pain in the a**. You could wrap it with those water pipe isolation (which like thin layers of white plastic) several time to the...
  3. Audio Technica ATH-SJ33 BK Black | DJ Style Portable Headphones (Japan Import)

    4.00 star(s)
    Another forgotten entry level gem.   This headphone is very fun: punchy, meaty bass which could reach deep if tad loose, forward vocal (great both for male and female vocals!), and sparkly treble (simmering, and with enough energy).   Very nice isolation, I could wear them on bus. Actually it's so good I don't have to crank the volume up. No noise leakage.   The cup is not very wide, so they rest on my ears (which pretty large) but the pad are very nice comfy! The build quality is very good, it's all from plastic but it's very sturdy. I'm...
  4. Goldring DR150 High Fidelity Stereo Headphones

    4.50 star(s)
    A very good bang for the buck. Kind of jack of all trade headphone.   The bass is meaty, thick, with good details. It reach deep, punchy but could a little loose at time.   Mid is middle place: not as in your face as grado, but not that laid back either. Actually the mid (and vocal) is kind of interesting, it could sounded up-front when the vocal on the recording did, but when the vocal is laid-back, it will sounded laid back. A chameleon indeed!   Treble is kind of bright and peaky at first, but it goes away as it burned. No, I'm not dreaming...