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    Kit 2.1 or dedicated amp?

    Hi all,   I'd like to buy speaker for my computer, I have a Fiio E7 that I use as an headphone amp (with my HD555) and I will use it as a DAC for my speakers.   I don't know if it's better to buy a 2.1 kit (I was thinking to buy a Corsair SP2200) or to buy a amp + separate speakers. My...
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    RE0 vs HD555

    So the RE0 can be a good choice to upgrade my portable system to almost the same quality than my desktop. What do you advice to me if I want to upgrade my desktop? What is better than the HD555 (I don't want to change my amp which is a Fiio E7 and spend more than $200)! Thanks!
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    RE0 vs HD555

    Actually I'm not looking only for an IEM. I read that the RE0 has the same SQ then $150-200 IEMs so I thought that it might be better quality than my HD555. I don't think I can have a better headphone for ~$150 but maybe an IEM.   How are the RE-ZERO? Is it really better than the RE0 and not...
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