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    On High-Fidelity and Equalizing (rant...sort of)

    some equalizers distort phase - its helpful to understand the linear systems terms well and use them unambiguously   "minimum phase" linear systems have a fixed relation between frequency response slope and phase   use a minimum phase EQ with a system that has minimum phase frequency...
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    comparing live and recorded music

    Orchestras definitely have to provide ear protection per OSHA, EU workplace safety sandards
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    Smyth Research Realiser A16

    are you sure you are familiar with modern audio consumerism?   stories sell, bling sells, quality??
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    digital theory versus reality

    and it has been checked by real world application   digital analog signal theory is one of the most powerful and thoroughly tested applications of math to technology, with "real world results" - its always fun reading of how it can't work over internet DSL connection sending Mbaud of data in...
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    is this really a problem with blind tests?

    long phono cartridge wiring could be problematic with moving magnet/moving iron cartridges also having audibly significant inductance   MM cartridges often spec an optimum load capacitance and actually use the LC peaking to hit the target response   again added/differing cable capacitance...
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    is this really a problem with blind tests?

    there's a lot known about the electronics, recording, playback from the EE, "Signals and Systems" perspective - only a little bit of the Psychoacoustic limits are needed to determine that the objective, technical performance of many analog audio electronics are better than relevant demonstrated...
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    Objectivists board room

    a problem for iem recable is the mechanics - the weight, low stiffness, smooth finish can be hard to duplicate with hobby wire, insulation, methods     a amp could have a tunable negative resistance to just cancel cable R - but then it hits the rails or even oscillates when unloaded    ...
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    Objectivists board room

    hope it works for you but Sound Science struggles with relevance at head-fi   the format isn't great and the general forum denizens that have been "protected" from fact based arguments seem to want to come here to provoke and then get offended easily
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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    Transducers aren't perfect, I believe Senn touted 1 dB R/L driver matching for the HD650 - implying that was bragging rights good for, at the time, fairly high end headphones.   Given transducer variability, and that amplitude matching R/L is critical to "phantom center", "sound stage"...
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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up   of course announcing the next gen product probably kills current SVS A8 sales - maybe there will be used A8's when the A16 ships
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    Speaker and Amplifier matching

    controls are required in listening tests - "by ear" loudness adjustment isn't adequate - people don't recognize fractional dB loudness different as loudness, but can pick out the difference in AB/X down to 0.2 dB, you should measure V at the speaker to 1%   audio memory is also shown to be...
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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    look again? Quote:   Dither is the recommended practice for digital audio any time wordlengths are reduced, which does happen in the consumer DAC end of the signal chain too.     There are (at least) three scenarios I can quickly come up with:   24 bit "hi rez" source meeting 16 or 20...
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    16bit/44khz or HiRes - any REAL blind tests out there?

    there turned out to be some problems - Meyer-Moran relied on "Hi Res" source that was marketed as such - later examination of spectrographs showed some of their "Hi Res" source was upsampled from 44.1   naturally critics want to dismiss the whole study on the grounds of some of the source...
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    Why would 24 bit / 192 khz flac sound any better than 16 bit / 44.1 khz flac if both are lossless (if at all)?

    actually I believe some have pointed to Loudness War dynamic level compression equivalent to clipping does add harmonics and IMD at high levels that can challenge mp3 codecs - perceptual lossy data compression codec algorithms often perform better on more "musical" source   if you are...
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    Planar magnetic headphones require "at least one watt" of power to drive properly.

    our ears are less sensitive to the far ends of the audio frequency range so more power is needed there to give the same sensation of loudness as at our more sensitive regions of hearing