reading, hanging out with friends, camping, MATH!!!!!!, economics
Headphone Inventory
Own: Shure SRH440 (favorite full size), Soundmagic pl-30 (amazing soundstage, bass is blah), CC51 (really V-shaped), HF5 (honest but fatiguing), TF10

Owned: Fischer Audio Silver Bullet (best IEMs I have heard, too fragile!), cx500, cx300, M6, Klipsch S2 & S4, ATH-M50 (SRH440s are better), NE-6
Music Preferences
Metal of all types besides screamo, glam, and power. Mainly atmospheric, atmospheric black, black, blackened death, classic, death, deathened black, doom, doom-death, and of course progressive :D
Classical (besides Opera and early Mozart); Classical guitar; Blues; Jazz guitar
UCD Student


Own: UE triple.fi 10, RPHJE120 (Amazing non-fatiguing spectrum), SHE3590 (too sibilant!), Gigaworks t20
Owned: Fischer Audio Silver Bullet (wow, but too fragile!), HF5, A151 (extreme treble roll off), CC51, pl-30, CX200-500, M6, Klipsch S2 & S4, ATH-M50 [size=1em](SRH440s are better), NE-6[/size]