Head Gear Reviews by jamato8
  1. FiiO X3 2nd gen Ultraportable Hi-Res DAP

    4.50 star(s)
    FiiO X3 Generation 2  Review sample.    From the start FiiO has given value for the money you spend. The new X3 Generation 2 continues the history of the value given for what you spend. Starting with the X3 and now the X3 G2, improvements have been made that add to the positive side of the equation on what you get.    One the the first things the X3 G2 impressed me with, before we get to the sound, is the update user interface, UI. For me the X3 never jelled. I had to do too much thinking about what button did what, it wasn’t intuitive, to me...
  2. FiiO E12 Mont Blanc

    4.50 star(s)
    FiiO Mont Blanc for IEM  E12a  $159.99    When you pick up the Mont Blanc you feel like you have something substantial in your hand. Not that is is overly heavy, no, it is conveys the impression that this thing is meant to last, is not some cheap plastic wrapped trifle and it is a compact well made amp that looks like you could take it with you to a zombi outbreak. And this is important, how it looks and feels but we also want something that performs, that sounds good, the boosts our enjoyment of music that isn’t just another addition to be set on...