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• Playing guitar, designing logos, riding my bike, browsing the web,
and of course, building audio cables and power cords.
Headphone Inventory
• Audeze LCD-4 with custom Blood Wood earcups and Bellatone Reference Series 4-pin XLR balanced headphone cable
• Audeze LCDi4 with their high-end exclusive cable terminated with 4-pin XLR, custom-programmed LCDi4 Cipher cable, and LCDi4 Bluetooth module
• Audeze LCD-3 with "Cinnamon Bun" earcups and Bellatone Reference Series 4-pin XLR balanced headphone cable
• Sennheiser HD800 + Bellatone Reference Series dual 3-pin XLR balanced headphone cable
• Audeze iSine20 with Cipher cable and iSine Bluetooth Module
• Audeze EL-8 Titanium
• Sennheiser HD650 + Bellatone Reference Series dual 3-pin XLR balanced headphone cable
Headphone Amp Inventory
• Bellatone Beta Twenty Two (with Bellatone Sigma Twenty Two Linear Regulated Power Supply) full-size dual chassis with Zinc plated end caps, custom designed and built luxury edition (and the only one ever made) with ultra-clean signal paths via extra PCBs, regulator boards, and a third trafo; RCA, XLR, and Current inputs with passive I/V conversion made with all Texas Components (the company who makes Vishay) resistors with 0.05% tolerance and 16 possible input levels using jumpers. Input attenuator is wired to relays out of the signal path for ridiculously low crosstalk levels. Volume knob uses a 4-channel DACT stepped attenuator connected to a stepped motorized drive system controlled manually or with matching custom remote control with chrome plated end caps. Combined, both chassis weigh 105 lbs. and are fully anodized T-6061 aluminum in very dark gray/black color. All text is laser bleached at 600 dpi; no silk screening/pad printing was used. Each chassis has external heat sinks on both sides capable of dissipating 1000W per chassis, which the output devices are connected to, rendering a fully Class-A headphone amplifier cool to the touch no matter how long the amp has been in use. Front and rear panels are 5/8" thick and use multiple, uniquely designed brackets for all input and output jacks. Finally, the amplifier connects to the power supply by way of a right channel cable, a left channel cable, and an auxiliary cable (which powers the relays, the motorized attenuator drive, the RC receiver, and the blue LED light bars. The three DC power cables used are three Bellatone Reference Series Triad•DC cables; each cable consists of three sets of three custom Bellatone Reference wire for a total of nine wires per cable, or twenty seven in total. The rhodium plated AC receptacle is a top-of-the-line model made by Furutech. AC power is conducted through a Bellatone Reveal Series power cord. All power is regenerated by a PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant P5. The wall outlet is a cryogenically-treated, limited edition PS Audio Power Port Premier with a rigid aluminum cover plate. A PS Audio Noise Harvester is also used to quell the last remaining 0.2% total harmonic line distortion.
Source Inventory
• Audio-gd Reference 7.1 dual differential Sign-Magnitude DAC utilizing eight (4 stacked per channel to lower the noise floor as far as it can go) TI/Burr Brown PCM1704U-K converters, FPGA DSP filter, fully discrete balanced and unbalanced outputs, and three R-Core transformers.
• Logitech Transporter, fully overhauled with all DAC and analog output traces severed, two Audio-gd JZ1 clocks, Audio-gd linear regulators, toroidal transformers, all caps replaced with Rubycon capacitors, and all wire replaced with my custom Bellatone Reference wire (with the exception of the custom Molex ribbon cable connecting the main board to the display panel, Force Feedback, and front panel buttons board.
Cable Inventory
• Bellatone Reference Series HD800/800S/820, HD600/650/6XX, LCD-2/3/4 and many more, and HiFiMan headphone cables
• Bellatone Reference Series XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced interconnects
• Bellatone Reference Series BNC, RCA and AES/EBU digital cables
• Bellatone Reveal Series HD800/800S/820, HD600/650/6XX, LCD-2/3/4, HiFiMan, and AKG K702 headphone cables
• Bellatone Reveal Series XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced interconnects
• Bellatone Reveal Series speaker cables
• (Bellatone Reference Series MKII speaker cables in the design phase)
Power-Related Components
• Bellatone Reference Series, Reveal Series, Harmony Series, and Melody series power cords
• PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant P5
• PS Audio Power Port Premier AC wall outlet receptacle
• PS Audio Noise Harvester
Other Audio Equipment
• FiiO Q5s Ultra Hi-Res Portable DAC (and Bluetooth 5.0 Hi-Res formats) with modular Amplifiers (includes the AM3E balanced high-power amplifier module)
• FiiO AM3D THX AAA-78 balanced high-power amplifier module
• iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB and iPad Pro 10.5" 512GB Wi-Fi + Cellular both used as a remote control via iPeng app for Squeezebox Server which controls the Logitech Transporter
• 4-pin female XLR to Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced adapter cable with silver wire
• 4-pin female XLR to 2.5mm TRRS balanced adapter cable with OFC wire
Audio-Related Tweaks
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Music Preferences
• Everything except rap, hip-hop, and most country.
Seriously? See above. Others include telescope, computers (27" Retina i7 iMac maxed out, and a Dell PC with i7 and Blu-Ray burner), guitar, soldering stations (preferably my two Weller WX2 200W stations running 2 irons each), cool art, good books/articles/news, and MUSIC!
• Professional Graphic Artist and Printing broker (with 27 years experience) • Audio equipment manufacturing and sales (Bellatone Audio)