Head Gear Reviews by InternPrimas
  1. Sony MDRXB400/BLU Extra Bass Over The Head 30 mm Driver Headphone, Blue

    2.00 star(s)
    What can I say the bass is nice on this after all it's in the XB series. It is somewhat well controlled. I did notice with stronger bass music it tends to hit almost distortion levels. The treble does exist on this but I feel like the sound signature is goofy due to the earpads. It gives off a hollow like treble sound, but if you turn them up enough you can kind of enjoy them. The earpads are cheap and soft and most likely will wear out. And they aren't changeable (glued on). The cord isn't detatchable. But if you want hard hitting bass these...
  2. Noontec ZORO II HD Headphone

    1.50 star(s)
    Disclaimer: I haven't burnt these headphones in, this is a fresh brand new pair I am using. Sadly I regret my purchase due to the misgivings of these on ear headphones, yet they got high praise from other people and websites. Yet they didn't really go in depth with the sound signature claiming it is "tonality is balanced". Yet I think either there hearing is damaged or I just got a bad new pair or defective? I figure it's either a defective pair or just that this is the sound signature.   Anyways this headphone is far from being a pure neutral...
  3. Urban Beatz Amp Earbuds

    5.00 star(s)
    UPDATE: Changing eartips changes sound signature. Sounds more "neutral" with bass emphasis with larger eartips... The review below was with stock eartips which fitted decently in ear.   This is my review of the "Urban Beatz AMP" earbuds. This is documentation of my experience with these "cheap" earbuds. I do some testing on them and listen to various music and test them on my PC and smartphone. I purchased these at Marshalls for $7.99. The packaging is slick. The produce features an aluminum metal housing. And comes with 3 sized pair of...