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    Best Upgrade from Shure SE110----Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5vi Good?

    The UE are nice. But, for a cost is just a bit higher than that, I'd go for the Klipsch S4i.
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    What IEMs have the best build quality

    My vote goes to the SE535. With the detachable cables they fixed the weak point of the SE530.
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    Super.Fi 5vi for $70, or Klipsch S4i for $100? Better than ADDIEM?

    My vote goes for the Klipsch as well. They have a very good sound quality for this price range.   Regarding the Klipsch remote, you'll get full compatibility on the iPod Touch 2nd gen, iPod Nano 4th gen, and iPod Classic 120GB (iPhone 3GS and 4 as well). On older iPods, and iPhones, the...
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