First my two Kids and my wife. But when it's possible I listen to music everytime and I´m a Headphone-lover (Friends don't understand), Watching Movies and Live Concerts. I was the sound engineer for a local band a few years, but since my son was born, there was no time for that beside my job. Sometimes i record local concerts in private areas binaural, but the recordings are just private for the bands and me (Still not perfect)
Headphone Inventory
AKG K812, AKG K712, AKG Q701 (3x), Akg K701 (All Made in Austria)
Teufel Aureal, Teufel Real Z, Teufel Massive
Focal Spirit Classic, Koss Porta Pro
Headphone Amp Inventory
Oehlbach XXl Dac, Swissonic Quadphone, Douk Audio P1, Denon PMA-860
Source Inventory
PC, Fiio X3/Gen 3, Xiaomi Mi A1 with Neutron Player

About 1000 CDs
About 80 SACDs and DVD-Audios
About 100 Digital Sampler from Amazon, HDmusic, Classical Online, etc...
Cable Inventory
Focal, Oehlbach, Self Made
Other Audio Equipment
Bose Soundlink Mini II
AC-Worldwide Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker
Yamaha 5.1 Surround System with Pure Acoustics Speaker-System
JBL L90 Speakers
Music Preferences
All Good/Special Sounding Songs
Oehlbach Scream Anniversary Headphone Stand


Headphones: AKG K812,K712,Q701,K701(All made in Austria)/Teufel Aureal,Real Z,Massive/Focal Spirit Classic/Koss Porta Pro
Amp/DACs: OEHLBACH XXL DAC, Douk Audio P1 usb-dacTube Amp, Swissonic Quadphone, Fiio Kunlun E-18, Denon PMA 860
Player: Yamaha SACD-Bluray Player, Fiio X3/Gen 3, Xiiaomi Mi A1 with Neutron-Player,
Archive: About 1000 CDs & 80 SACDs / DVD-Audio

Each well-recorded and produced song as mp3 sounds better than the majority of available high-res files :)