BSEE from Urbana-Champaign
To achieve audio nirvana
Headphone Inventory
Cans: HD650
IEMs: 1964-T, EX-600, EQ-5, MTPC, MMDT, DDM, Phonak PFE, TF10, ER4P, ibuds(not that bad)
Portable: HD25-1 II, Portapro, HD202

Previously owned: DT880(600ohm), SRH840, SR80i, K701, SM3, SE530, RE0, IE7, EX-1000, W4, ESW9, UE700, UM3X, , EX-1000
Headphone Amp Inventory
Portable Amps: JDS labs CMOY(Burr Brown OPA2227)
Amps: Elekit TU882, HDP, vintage Onkyo TX-3000, HUD-mx1

Previously owned: D10
Source Inventory
DACs: DacMagic, HUD-mx1
DAPs: sflo2, P3, 5.5g diymod, S639, Classic 6G, ihp-120

Previously owned: Fuze, D10, ipad, uDAC, HDP
Cable Inventory
DIY capped LOD for IMOD, DIY interconnects and ipod LODs
Power-Related Components
No fancy power cables if thats what you're look for.
Music Preferences
Quality recordings
Electrical Engineer


For Sale: Sony NWZ-S636F DAP  Ultrasone icans  
Current portable favorite: diyMOD LO > 220uF Silmic 2 Capped LOD > JDS CMOY  > 1964-T/ER-4P
Transportable: Audinst HUD-mx1 > ER-4P/1964-T
Stationary Rig:  DACmagic/ Audinst HUD-mx1 > Elekit TU882 > HD650/EX-600