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    NEW Dac recommendation please

    second the clip+   Covers all your bases: -nice sounding -small -cheap -plays flac -micro sd slot -slightly better screen (imo) - volume buttons have better positioning -no scrolling wheel anymore (iirc)
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    shure se535 or se425?

    I still own the previous 420s and I can say that the "analytical" sound was a bit bland for me. Not to say I don't like analytical sound, because my current iem's are the re0s...there is just something about the 420s that seems hollow or missing.
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    James444's IEM giveaway thread (competition has ended - see post #344 and #354 for winners!)

    Perhaps in reverse order, I have heard the fx700 first, and would very much like to hear the fx500 :) Need a good pair of IEMs for classical/jazz listening as my only current listening iem's are re0's.   Also, I know the atrio's are under the radar now, but I was always a fan of them when I...
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    Weakest link in my entry-level system?

    size restrictions?   you are getting into the territory of portable amps now, so the likes of ibasso products
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    Moving from Ath-AD700 to something better! Suggestions plz!

    If your budget is fixed 250$ then I can't recommend the AKG's. Absolutely need an amp IMO (desktop amp no less, not a portable battery powered one). Never heard the beyers or denons, so I can't comment on those. Grado prestige series I found to be great unamped, so the sr225's should be more...
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    Need some headphone advice please

    I own the MS1i and the HF2's with quarter modded comfies and bowls. MS1i's will ship to anywhere for the same price IIRC, which is why the have the widerspread base (since they are grado-ish sound but with international shipping). Also, you could try to snag a pair from the For Sale
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    Dr. Dre Tours as IEMs??

    If you have a mono adapter, I think that would only output 1 channel if I recall correctly?? Not too sure, but that what I're sound guy should have extra 1/8-1/4 adapters, could you try any of those (a guaranteed stereo one?)
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    What to buy IN CHINA???

    wow ok thanks guys, I will look into all of this. And yea, I am very wary about fakes and counterfeits, so I figure the best thing is to find their main dealer, since I don't think buying from a reseller would warrant any price "reduction" off the item. The discount numbers you guys are giving...
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    Klipsch S4i or V-Moda Remix for iPhone

    By far, i would favor the klipsch s4. Sounded very good for the price. Also, I have not tired the v-moda remix, but I have heard the vibes and the IIs, and neither could compare to the dynamic sound of the klipsch
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    What to buy IN CHINA???

    Hey guys, So my sister is currently in China, and I wanted to know if there is anything to get IN CHINA in terms of amps?? does Audio GD, LD, Head-Direct, etc have their products available cheaper there?? Also, I am currently acquiring a pair of hd600 and have the HF2, so could I possibly...
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    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nuforce uDAC USB DAC AMP with line out and S/PDIF out

    hey userlander, just out of curiosity, how much time do you spend on Head-fi everyday?? and how much time is devoted to this one thread?? also: >implying that we are a cult and that this is not just how consumerism works >implying that people aren't just posting to solicit/troll a response...
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    Logitech is looking for beta testers

    I love beta testing anything/everything!! Pick me!!
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    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nuforce uDAC USB DAC AMP with line out and S/PDIF out

    Concerning the uDac, has anyone heard a A/B comparison with the musiland 02?