Tape Worm
Having an alter-ego. Such as this one.
Headphone Inventory
Aiwa in-ear phones - cost about £2.50 from Woolworths in a sale before they closed down.
Headphone Amp Inventory
TTVJ Milletts Porty Tube Amp~!
Source Inventory
1. Aiwa 5 deck CD changer with double tape cassette for high speed dubbing (but one side broken) and flashing disco lights and quadruple bass booster with subwoofer. Built in FM/MW/LW aerial.

2. Sharp Mini-Disc MD MT888H - purchased in 2001
Cable Inventory
I got some 3.5mm jacks and RCA plugs thrown in free with my system. No name, black plastic corded.
Power-Related Components
There is a plug on the end of my system...it works! But 240Volts.
Other Audio Equipment
What more could I want? I have the complete Aiwa bass boomer kit.
Audio-Related Tweaks
I dropped my Aiwa 5 disc multi-changer when carrying it and it no longer works :(

Now I have to use my other audio equipment...:

Michel Gyrodec with Live Origin arm
Musical Fidelity X Ray
Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Pre-Amp
Musical Fidelity XAS200S power amps
Celestion A1s (the authentic English versions)
VDH Ultimates & speaker cables
Musical Fidelity X-Cans v2
Music Preferences
Refined, obscure; acoustic or live; try me!
Vinyl LPs
Blank Mini-Discs only (accused of being a Mini-Disc zealot because my mini-disc hasn't broken down! Called a 'fanboy' because my minidisc plays better than MP3s. It does so neh! :P

Hi-MD'er since the start of the year. Oooooh! Aaaah! Yesss! Yesss!!!
TTVJ Portable Millett's Tube Amp (coming sooon!! Can't wait..!)
Sennheiser HD25 Mark IIs


System: Aiwa XC=37M 5 Disc CD Changer with flashing disco lights (only plays Discs 2 and 5)
Phones: Woolworths £2.50 in-ear phones (unbranded)