close to the alps
- music listening -> headphones and related gear (obviously :) )
- audio/video/electronics stuff in general
- photography
- theater
- travelling
- outdoor sports (biking/rowing/skiing/hiking)
- combination of the above :)
Headphone Inventory
well for those interested ...

Headphones mostly for music listening at home with equipment listed below (in no particular order):

- HE1000 Hifiman
- HE560 Hifiman

- HD800 SDR Sennheiser
- HD580 x2 Sennheiser

- LCD3F Audeze

- T90 Beyerdynamic

- K872 AKG
- K702 AKG

- PS500e Grado
- MS1 Alessandro

- SR-007MKII Stax
- SR-404 Stax
- SR-202 Stax

- Ether C Mr Speakers

Travelling, gaming, other purposes
- Orion Campfire Audio
- QC25 Bose
- RS180 Sennheiser
- K271 AKG
- G933 Logitec

got tired of updating my inventory .... and a bunch more.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Moon 430HA
Auralic Taurus MKII
Schiit Mjolnir 2 (Lisst + Tubes)
Lehmann Audio Linear
SPL Phonitor Mini
NAD D1050
Musical Fidelity X-Can V3
Source Inventory
Schiit Gungnir Multibit (DAC)
Bluesound Node 2 (Streamer + DAC)
NAD D1050 (DAC and Amp)
IFI IDSD Micro (DAC and Amp)

Cable Inventory
Silver-/Blue Dragons
Other Audio Equipment
Several Rowen + Harbeth Speakers / Rowen and NAD Amplifiers

Bowers & Wilkins 6xx Series 6.1 System with THX bipol speakers for movies

Neumann Mics for recording

bunch of other stuff :)
Music Preferences
Singer Songwriter, Indie, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Swing, Classical, Opera


Cans: Stax SR-009, SR-007MK2, SR-404, SR-202 / Focal Utopia / Abyss Diana / Hifiman HE1000, HE-X V2, HE560 / Audeze LCD-3F / Sennheiser HD800, HD800SDR, HD580 / MrSpeakers Ether C / AKG K872, K702, K271 / Beyerdynamic T90 / Grado PS500e / + a few more ...
Amps: Moon Neo 430HA, GS-X MK2, Auralic Taurus MKII, Sennheiser HDVA600, Woo WA6SE, Schiit Mjolnir 2 + LISST, Stax SR-727II + 252S, Lehmann Audio Linear, SPL Phonitor Mini, IFI IDSD Micro, ...
Source: Dangerous Music Convert 2, Weiss DAC 2, Schiit Gungnir Multibit, Hiby R6, AYA2DS (TDA1541A), Bluesound Node 2 / Speakers: Rowen P4, Harbeth P3ESR, QUAD ESL 57