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    Denon AH-D1100 vs Koss Pro DJ100
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    Sony has new headphones, MDR-1R

    Definitely good time to buy these. Too bad its UK only though.
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    Yamaha PRO Headphones.

    Quote:   Your comments without personal experience is next to nothing really. We all can read those reviews and make our own opinions.   I personally have Sony MDR-1R and Hifiman HE-400 and I really think Pro 500 is well worth the money.
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    Yamaha PRO Headphones.

    Closed on ear headphones rarely have good soundstage so maybe Pro 300 is not exception.   I am glad I picked up Pro 500. They have same kind of airy sound like Hifiman HE-400. Sound is really spacious and stereo imaging is really good.   Happy with Pro 500 ;)
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    Yamaha PRO Headphones.

    I tried with Fiio E17 and without. Did not notice any big difference. Pro 500 is very easy to drive anyway. You can get it crazy loud even straight from the laptop.   Impedance 23 ohms @ 1kHz Maximum Power 1,000 mW Sound Pressure Level 106 dB ±3 dB (1 kHz, 1 mW)
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    Yamaha PRO Headphones.

    Quote: If it sounds anything like Pro 500, it should be good :P
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    Yamaha PRO Headphones.

    Got these few days ago (black) and I have to say that looks can be deceiving. Well I like how these headphones look but I can understand if someone sees these as beats :)   But when it comes to sound, these headphones sound really really good. Well worth the money (IMO) and I really think...
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    Headphones with the most forward AND HIGHEST QUALITY mids/ vocals

    Sony MDR-1R have really forward mids. Some even think that they are too forward but I like it.  
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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Quote: There is "Gain" setting. Default is 0, so set it to 6 or even 12. Should be loud enough ;)   Edit: And set source to max (or close to max) volume
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    From Senn HD 555 to Hifiman HE400... not impressed

    I think there is something wrong with your system. I get zero distortion even if I EQ bass quite heavily. Mayby you could try different source (mp3 player maybe?) or turn off all EQ settings. (like someone said, EQ only when you really know what you are doing).
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    From Senn HD 555 to Hifiman HE400... not impressed

    HE-400 definitely needs amp. Yes its low impedance but need lots of current. (   Get FiiO E17 and be happy :)  
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    What should be my next upgrade? (Denon AH-D5000's + Fiio E17)

    I had same setup before bought Hifiman HE-400. For me HE-400 was clear upgrade SQ wise but without spending that much extra. Actually I sold Denon and got more money than I spent on HE-400 ;)   + better quality bass + better mids + less sibilant treble   - heavier - need amp...
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    Looking to replace my HD595

    There is tons of reviews and comparisons. Just use search button :)     This is good comparison of gaming headphones: (no HD600/650 though)  
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    Looking to replace my HD595

    Senn HD598 are great and really easy to drive (no need for amp). But my vote goes for Hifiman HE-400. Although they need some amping but Fiio E17 have enough power to drive them. I sure that Senn HD600/HD650 would be great too.
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    I need high quality headphones for electronic type music. (Budget around $500)

    Quote:   Haven't heard Ultrasone line but my vote goes for Hifiman HE-400. They are simply amazing for electronic and liked more than Denon AH-D5000.