Professional Audio
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser 250 linear II, 650, AKG. UE Triple-Fi 10s (IEMS).
Headphone Amp Inventory
DigiDesign ICON D-Control
Source Inventory
DigiDesign 192, Prism Sound ADA8XR.
Cable Inventory
Klotz, Van Damme, Mogami, Digi Link, Monster and many others.
Power-Related Components
Other Audio Equipment
Shed loads!!
EQs, Reverbs, Compressors, Gates, modulators, chorus, synths (hard and soft). Probably 100 processors in total.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Too many to mention, most important is the controlled acoustics of my studio.
Music Preferences
Wide and varied but mainly classical.
Music Producer, Composer, Audio Engineer, Audio Post Production.


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