Head Gear Reviews by Gradofan2
  1. Woo Audio WA 6 SE

    5.00 star(s)
    With the upgrades, especially the Blackgate caps (now a collectors item), and the Sophia Princess rectifier, and Tung Sol 6FD7 or Raytheon 6EW7 tubes, the WA6 SEm is one of the best SE amps there is with all types of dynamic phones.  Get one - you'll love it.
  2. Woo Audio WA3

    4.00 star(s)
    I had the WA3 in about 2005.  It was a great amp with my Senns... not so much with my Grados.  It had all the great sound qualities of a fine OTL tube amp, especially with the Tung Sol 5998 / 7236 rectifier.  Anyone would be very pleased with the WA3 / WA3+ to drive their high impedence phones - but, I'd rather have a tube hybrid, or TC tube amp to drive my Grados / Denons / ATH's, etc.