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Headphone Inventory

Senn HD580 ("new version" modded, de-veiled) w RAL Cryo-Silver cable
Grado RS-1
Grado PS-500
Grado PS-1000
ATH AD2000
Denon AH MD5000 (Markl Mods)


Bose Tri-Port (the beginning)
Senn HD280 Pro
Senn HD600 - Old Version - w Cardas cable
Senn HD600 - Old Version - w Cardas cable
HD650 - New Version w RAL Cryo-Silver cable
HD650 - Old Version w Zu Mobius, Headphile Senn v2 Blacksilver cables
Grado SR125
Grado SR225
Grado SR325i
Grado GS-1000
Stax SR-007 MKII
Stax SR-507
HiFiMan HE-500
Headphone Amp Inventory

WooAudio 6 SE Maxed
Burson HA-160D
Whiplash Audio Millett Hybrid MiniMax
Shellbrook Maxi Moy Portable
Grant Fidelity B-283 Tube Buffer
Aphex 204 Aural Exciter (to remove HD650 veil)


Singlepower Extreme
Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA LFP-V Edition
Darkvoice 332
Musical Fidelity X-CANv8 x2
Musical Fidelity X-CAN v3 (with PinkFloyd Mods)
Musical Fidelity X-PSU v3
Musical Fidelity X-10 v3 Tube Buffer
Graham Slee Solo 2007
WooAudio 3
Grado RA-1
Shellbrook Audio Lab Hybrid Head (Millet Hybrid)
Core Audio Tube Buffer
Meier Audio Move
Stax SRM-007t II
Stax SRM-323S
HiFiMan EF5
Source Inventory

Bryston BDP II & BDA II Music Server / DAC
W4S MS 1 Music Server
Marantz SA-8001 SACD/CDP
California Audio Labs Delta Transport
California Audio Labs Alpha Tube DAC
Monarchy Audio M24 Tube DAC
Monarchy Digital Upsampler
Sony Walkman EJ612CK CDP
Sony Walkman JD01 Portable CDP
Apple iPod 4 - Digital Player
Pure i20 iPod Dock


Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3
Music Hall MMF CD25 1+ CDP
California Audio Labs Sigma II Tube DAC (Superb)
Cable Inventory

RAL Cryo-Silver Senn Cable
Signal Cable Black Magic PCs x2
Iron Lung Jellyfish PCs x2
Volex 16904 PC x 3
CT Cryo-Silver ICs x 8
Shellbrook Silver Mini IC
RnB Audio Sky Blue Mini IC
Anti-Cable Reference 3 Speaker Cables


Headphile Black Silver v2 Senn Cable
Zu Mobus Senn Cable
Cardas Senn Cable - blue
Cardas Senn Cable - grey
Power-Related Components
Monster Power Center
Other Audio Equipment
ParaSound Halo JC-2 Preamp
ParaSound Halo JC-1 Mono's
ParaSound Halo A-21 Stereo Amp
Bob Carver Cherry M180 Mono's
Atma-Sphere M60 MK2 Mono's
Creek OBH-22 Passive Preamp
DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 - DSP, DAC & Preamp
Magnestand 1.6 Speakers (Gunned Maggies)
Emerald Physics 2.3 OB Speakers
dc10audio Berlin R (Studio Monitor) Speakers
KEF LS50 Speakers
LaHave Melas Speakers
WaveTouch Audio Grand Teton Speakers
Audio-Related Tweaks
Caig DeOxit & Pro Gold
Walker SST
Herbies Tube Dampers
Grand Fidelity B-283 Tube Buffer
Music Preferences
Country (some not all)
Bluegrass (some not all)
Classical (some not all - mostly small ensembles)
Management Consultant - Healthcare Operations / Finance / Systems


Phones:  All the good ones!    Amps:  Some of the best!    Sources:  As good as they get!