Golden Monkey
I can't think of anything of interest, other than I lurve muh kittehs. And I like pickles.
Nothing, anymore...*sigh*...married life. PS3 gaming, collecting vintage Gillette razors.
Gaming, reading, chilling with my cats, dog, and wife. San Jose Sharks hockey, Liverpool Football Club, F-1 Racing (Red Bull FTW).
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD590
Audio Technica ATH ESW9A (portable rig)
Beyerdynamic T50p (portable rig)
EarSonics SM3 (portable rig)
Etymotic ER-4p/s (portable rig)
Sony MDR-V700DJ (retired junk)
Tritton AX Pro Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (gaming headset)
SOLD: Denon D2000 recabled with silver plate copper, Neutrik plug, and markl'd earpads
Headphone Amp Inventory
Woo Audio WA3+, recapped with Black Gates (see tubes below)
Headstage Arrow 12HE 3G (portable rig)
HeadRoom Total AirHead (portable rig)
SOLD: Little Dot MKV

Tubes (all NOS):
Tung-Sol 5998 - 1961 x3
Tung-Sol 6520 - 1952 NOS x2
Tung-Sol 7236 - 1964, cryo treated
Tung-Sol 7236 - 1961
Tung-Sol JAN CAHG 6080WB - 1960 (DEAD)
GE 6AS7G - 1948, clear top, copper radiators
RCA 6AS7G - 1950's, black plates, bottom getters
RCA JAN CRC 6080 - 1956
Western Electric 6AS7GA - 1982 (Stock Woo tube)

Amperex ECC88/6DJ8 - 1954, Heerlen Holland production, "Bugle Boys", matched pair
Amperex E88CC/6922 - 1959 (*9K), Hicksville NY production, D getters, PQ Shield label, matched pair x2
Amperex PCC88/7DJ8 - 1968, Heerlen Holland production, Valvo/BWB labels, matched quad
Mullard ECC88/6DJ8 - 1966 (B6B3), Blackburn UK production, IEC labels, matched pair
Siemens & Halske CCa - 1961 (A0 1≠ 2K), Munich production, matched pair
Siemens & Halske E88CC/6922 - late 70's, matched pair
Siemens & Halske E188CC/7308 - 1970's, matched pair
Voskhod 6N1P - 1978, Kaluga City production, Russian Milsurp x8
JAN Philips 6922 - 1986 (stock Woo tubes)
Source Inventory
Denon DVD-1920
Oritek OMZ DAC 4.1(modded Zhaolu 2.5A)
Monarchy DIP Classic w/ Upsampling
Cowon J3 32GB PMP with 32GB SDHC (portable rig)
Creative Labs Zen Xtra 80 GB (portable rig - retired)

Theater System:
Sharp Aquos Quattron 60" 1080p 3D LCD HDTV
Denon AVR-2805 7.1ch
Sony PS3 80 GB
Denon DCD-590 (retired)
Cable Inventory
APureSound V3 HD650 cable with Super Nylon sleeve, Cardas connectors, and Furutech 1/4" plug
Tributaries Silver Series Component cables (as digital coax)
Signal Cable Silver Resolution w/ Eichmann Silver Bullets
Whiplash Audio TWag w/ Oyaide right angle mini-to-mini (portable rig)
Cardas HPI mini-to-mini (portable rig)

Theater System:
Kimber Kable 8TC speaker cable
Analysis Plus Oval 9 subwoofer cable
Monster 400 RCA's (retired)
2X HGA Veritas Digital Coax (retired)
Power-Related Components
Furman PL-8 II Conditioner
Parasound AWG12 power cables X3

Theater System:
Dell 14AWG server power cables
Monster HT power strip
Other Audio Equipment
Theater System:
Klipsch KG 5.2 mains
Klipsch Reference 12" Sub
Klipsch Reference center
Klipsch RSX-5 surrounds (direct)
Klipsch Reference surrounds (bi-polar)
random bits and pieces.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Tweekers suck (lol...)
Isoclean Fuse (in amp)
Herbie's UltraSonic 9 tube dampers X2
Herbie's UltraSonic Rx-50
Herbie's Iso-Cup w/ Lampblack Ball x3 (amp)
Herbie's Tenderfoot x3 (DAC)
Herbie's Soft Fat Dots x3 (CD)
Caig Deoxit Gold on all metal contact points
Music Preferences
Rock, Metal, Sludge, Doom, Classic Rock, Punk, etc.
1934 British Gillette Aristocrat #15 (rhodium plated)
1938 British Gillette Aristocrat #21 (rhodium plated)
1934 US Gillette Aristocrat
1956 British Gillette Aristocrat #66 (rhodium plated)
All cased. See album: h t t p ://


Cans: Senn HD650 (APS V3), ATH-ESW9A, Beyer T50p
Amp: Woo Audio WA3+ (Black Gate caps)
Tubes: Tung-Sol 5998,6520,7236 / Siemens 6922,7308,CCa / Amperex 6DJ8,7DJ8,6922 PQ / Mullard 6DJ8 
Source: Denon DVD-1920>Monarchy DIP Combo>Oritek OMZ DAC v4.1
Portable: Cowon J3>Arrow 12HE 3G>EarSonics SM3