gary ocock
Target Shooting. Hi-Fi and just screwing around.
Headphone Inventory
Beryerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 ohm-sold
AKG Q701-sold
Grado SR60 (mod with wood bowls)-gave them to my son
Hi-fiman HE-400-sold, Hi-fiman HE-560
Audeze LCD2-sold, Audeze LCD3 sold, Audeze LCDX sold
Grado 325is, Grado 225i - sold, GS1000i, PS1000-sold, PS500, RS1i-sold, Grado GS2000e
Beyerdynamic T-90 (sold), T-1 (sold)
Sennheiser HD-600 - sold, HD-650 - sold, HD-800
Headphone Amp Inventory
JDS Labs O2, Little Dot MKIII - sold, Schiit Lyr, WOO Audio W7-with tube power (great amp)
Source Inventory
HP Tower, Yamaha, OPPO, Luxman, Music Hall, Moon audio 340i
Cable Inventory
Power-Related Components
Marantz, B&K, Anthum, Luxman, PrimaLuna
Other Audio Equipment
4 Pair of Tower speakers; the best of those are Wilson Benesch, Vertex.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Room Accoustics
Music Preferences
Rock, R&B, Old Soul, some new Country