20'ies, live with my girl....
Binaural/spatiel Head-Fi, mostly digital electronics, gamer Head-Fi, gaming ;)
3D making/printers/CNC, Games, gaming systems and related components like gaming audio, digital electronics, IT, computer games, books, military stuff, oooh and my significant other
Headphone Inventory
A huge array of different Gamerphile HS and mobile/IEM stuff like Sennheiser PC 350. MM200, MM450, CX 95 etc.. and a few real audiophile like: HD595 and HD 800 with balanced I made with guys at the Sennheiser Communication lab from a original cable we cut up to look at as we didn't know more about it that you do ;) Also got the original cable for this pair for backup.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Varius high-end pci+external box for PC and USB/DAC systems. Headroom's top line product the Balanced Ultra Desktop is my reference feed by UDAC which is feed by toslink from PC.
Currently as of this writing I got a Dual 731Q turn table that the Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 can handle but haven't tried it yet.
Source Inventory
Mobiles from my own company or my current personal which is a Nexus One
Headroom's Ultra DAC - toslink or USB.
Dual 731Q turn table via a Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 to DALI concept 1
PC got Creative X-Fi elite pro., new Sennheiser 3D Dolby audio dongles and such, PS3, 40" LCD with zoned LED backlight TV.
Cable Inventory
I'm a purist with stock cables or at least I like to use the stock cables on headphones. I'm specialist in digital stuff so I know what matters and whats snake oil - I know a few industry experts and generally follow common sense with only quality cables and connectors, good shielding and such as spec'ed. A balanced fan - the closest you come controlling analog lines.
Power-Related Components
Headroom's DPS with my Ultra Balanced system. Thats about it except really good PSU's for the gaming rig.
Other Audio Equipment
As of start of 2013 I just got a Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 amp with a pair of DALI concept 1 speakers sourced via the speaker pre-out on the HeadRoom BUDA so that's pretty good for my office.
Audio-Related Tweaks
I spent a few hundred € on modding my gamer rig lowering the noise types and levels. Made it to very near the lowest you can with out sacrificing performance or using liquid cooling systems. Not easy in my case as my i7 920 + Nvidia 580 system creating quite some heat due to its high-performance. Best feature was removing all HD noise by getting all my games and music on one silent 1 TB drive suspended in a special setup. Currently this is a new setup (mobo/ram/colors/CPU/GPU/case) with a neat Antec 183 case and 120 mm fans from nexus etc.
Music Preferences
Fullrange / very wide
All files and reference stuff are FLAC or other lossless usually - still got a huge mp3 collection of pop/rock etc.
Might have some LP's might sell these donno yet
Gamer related products like my large inventory of MX and G5/G500 series of Logitech mice, Steelseries keyboard and mousepad, LCD monitors, several laptops, a large expensive gamer rig and a PS3 to dampen the noise from the better half and visiting kids in the living room.
3D Printer: Delta type RepRap aka opensource prototype that I'm evolving and pushing the limits of together with the rest of the Delta printer community.
Engineer in the field of IT. As engineering student I worked @ Sennheiser Communications.