Headphone Inventory

JH16Pro with TWag Hybrid cable,
Heir Audio 5.0 iem with TWag Eclipse V2 OM cable


Grado GS1000e
Sony 7520 with TWag V3 Hybrid cable mod welded to both cups.



Shure E4c's (sold to fund E500's)
Shure E500's (R.I.P. cable split issue)
Shure SE530 (sold to fund JH16's!)
Sennheiser IE8 (Not my cup of tea - sold)
JVC FX500s, (Died)

Full Size;
Sony MDR-Z1000 (Sold to get less hotter treble and more bassier cousin the 7520)
Sony MDR-1R (For sale - Hardly used)
AKG 702's w/ Double Helix ALO SXC cable (regretful sale at time, cable was awesome by Peter!)
Beyer DT770 600ohms (My first ever cans way back in 1990 - Sold 22 years later!!)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Chord Hugo
Vorzuge PureII+ (Dec 2015) Keeper!?..


Vorzuge Duo amp (sold to fund Hugo)
TTVJ Slim (non dac version) (sold to fund Hugo)
Naim Headline 2 & NAP SC power supply (sold)
Ibasso DB1 & PB1 balanced portable amp & dac (sold)
Source Inventory
Sony ZX1 (Japan version)


Sony nwz-Z1070, X1060 Walkman A818, A829.
Ipod Touch 32gb 2G
Cowon D2 DAB 16gb
Sony HD-3 & HD5x2 (30gb)
Sony MZ-1 10th Anniversary MD Walkman, Sony E500 MD Walkman,
Cable Inventory
Double Helix cable's
QED - Reference USB A-B micro for Hugo
Whiplash Audio TWag V2 Eclipse & TWag Hybrid om earphones cables.
TWag V2 Eclipse lod & Hybrid Lod.
Various Chord Coax & rca cables (Indigo Plus, Signature, Anthem2)
DNM - Reson RCA ic's
Wireworld Super Nova 5+ optical cable (Sky HD & PS3)
Other Audio Equipment
Oppo BDP105 Blu-ray/SACD/cd player.
Tag Mclaren DVD32R
Tag Mclaren AV32R DP processor
Tag Mclaren 250X3R & 250X2R Amps
Tag Mclaren Calliope Centre Speaker
B&W floorstanders front and back

Chord Indigo's, Signatures & ANthem 2 ic's.
Chord Signature speaker cable. (not just pretty)
Audio-Related Tweaks
AudioQuest - JitterBug (really does work!)
Music Preferences
So many it is easier to just rule out any rap without a good tune, hard core ambient/techno subliminal message music that turns me into a super soldier?!
Automatic Watches (Omega, Oris, Fortis, Casio G-shock)
Pioneer Kuro 5080? One with icf calibration.
Panasonic 50" plasma (2nd room)


[size=1em]Weapons of Choice:[/size][size=1em] [/size]​
[size=1em]Daps: Sony ZX1 & WM1A Walkmans - Shanling M1 - HIFIMAN SuperMini & MegaMini  [/size]​
[size=1em]Amp/ Dacs - Chord Hugo / Vorzuge PureII+[/size]​
[size=1em]Cans & IEMS - Vibro Labs Maya - JH16Pro - RHA T20 - [/size][size=1em]Meze 99 & 12 Classics[/size][size=1em] - Pioneer SE-Master1 - Grado GS1000e - Sony 7520-TWag V3 hybrid mod[/size]​
Check profile for Equipment history​