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    golf cart

    I always prefer walking when I play golf. But, if I could rent this kind of "bling-bling", I would certainly take for a spin.
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    Sound Quality test iHP-140 vs Revo + Audigy 2

    great review! thanks!
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    Price drop in the iriver 120?

    I don't think you could to go through retailers unless they offered their own warranty (like BestBuy, but you need to pay extra). Most of time you deal with the vendor directly. They will ask you for "proof of purchase" (which verified whether the item is still in the warranty period) when you...
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    iRiver SlimX 550 Detailed Review

    Thanks, carstenk. Great review!! Even after I got a ihp 120, I still couldn't buy the whole thing of compressed music. I'm still looking for portable CD players, and this is exactly what I'm looking for.
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    Iriver Third Party Software (Red Chair Irivium)

    Have you guys tried the PDA Functionality yet? my new ihp-120 will come in friday
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