Headphone Inventory
Audeze LCD-5
Focal Utopia 2020
Focal Stellia
Campfire Solaris Mercury Ltd.
Moondrop Blessing 2
Airpods Max- seldom used but appreciate when needed
Airpods Pro-commuter
A lot of inactive gear.

Focal Clear- For Sale contact if interested
Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow closed For Sale contact if interested
Shure 535 w Westone BT cable commuter

Bose QC 20i-night or sleep
Bose-QC35- quiet please

Bose QC True Wireless- sleep or nap companion

Sennheiser HD1- Returned and repurchased after price drip- gave to spouse
Sennheiser HD1- bought em again on Black Friday 18

Sony WF-1000XM3 iems
Apple AirPod Pro For x2 (for workout/sleep)

Oppo PM-3
Hifiman 400S (Brainwavz HM5 Pads)
Bose QC30 (semi-retired)

Focal Radiance (sold)
Shure Se 215 (repurchased)
Sennheiser 800S- sold
Sennheiser 660S-sold
Audeze LCD-X -sold
Beyerdynamic T1.2-returned
Audeze LCD-X -sold
Beyerdynamic T1.2-returned

Dunu Titan 5
Dunu DN-1000
Vsonic GR07BE
Bose QC20i not used
Shure SE435-not usd
Shure SE215-sold
Ultimate Ears Triplefi10-not used
Ultimate Ears Superfi 5vi- not used
Hifiman RE400- not used

Bose QC15- not used
Headphone Amp Inventory
RME ADI-2 Pro FS R running in balanced mode with adapter
Chord Mojo 2
ifi iDSD Micro Black Label
ifi Gold Gor Bar
iFi Go Bar
Marantz HD-DAC1
Oppo HA2SE
Fifo E17K Alpen
Fifo A3 retired
Dragonflies retired
Source Inventory
MacBook Pro M1 Pro
iphone X

Fifo A1
Cable Inventory
Gravedigger Cardas
Beyerdynamic Symmetrical
Power-Related Components
Oppo HA2-SE, Dragonfly Red, Fiio E17K
Music Preferences
Classic Rock, R & B, occasional Classics
I love gear and gadgets. PC builder turned Apple ecosphere.


Audeze LCD-5, Focal Utopia 2020, Focal Stellia, Campifte Solaris Mercury Ltd. Moondrop Blessing 2, Airpods Max- seldom used but appreciated when needed,
Airpods Pro 2nd Gen-commuter, Bose TW RME ADI-2 Pro FS R in balanced mode with Corpse Cardas adapter.
ifi Gold Go Bar, iFi Go Bar, ifi Micro Black Label, Chord Mojo 2
A lot of inactive gear.