Head Gear Reviews by fjlabs
  1. JH Audio Sharona

    4.50 star(s)
    Audio Chain iPad [Plexamp] -> Burson Audio Conductor 3XR [DAC/Amp] with 4x Sparkos 3602 op-amps -> Sharona with Hart Audio Cable custom cable. Design/Build/Comfort This is my first experience in the JHAudio world. Most of my previous CIEM experience has been with Shuoer Acoustics [now LetShuoer], having three of their sets to compare to. Even with extreme scrutiny under my magnifiers, my custom Sharona has impeccable build all around. I had chosen to go with JH's 3D-milled resin/wood material instead of the Sharona signature design [which wasn't...
  2. Shuoer EJ09

    4.00 star(s)
    Introduction The EJ09’s are Shuoer’s latest entry into the flagship tribrid market. Sporting one 10mm dynamic driver, 3 Knowles balanced armatures, 1 Sonion BA, and 4 Sonion electret drivers, there is a lot crammed into this shell. At the rather comfortable $1,260 for the UIEM version and $1,425 for the CIEM version, there better be a lot in this IEM. Luckily, Shuoer has done a very admirable tuning this complex mix of drivers into a set that is bright and detailed and I’d characterize the EJ09’s as a “reference”-class monitor [despite hating that...