Engineer, married, still adorable.
Speaker & amp design, R/C cars, modeling, acoustical mayhem
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser Momentum On Ear 1
Sennheiser Momentum On Ear 2
Fiio EX1
Adidas Monster Originals
Sony MDR-1A
Sennheiser HD-580
Sennheiser HD-600
AKG K712Pro
Etymotic ER-4S
Headphone Amp Inventory
X-Can V2
Aune T1
DIY tube amp
Alo Audio RX MKII
Fiio Aspen
Fiio Fujiyama
Fiio Kunlun
Source Inventory
Sony DVP NS900V / 975 SACD
Yamaha 675 Universal Player
Squeezebox 3
Squeezebox Touch
iPad 2
iPod Touch 2
Fiio X3
Galaxy S6 Edge
Ipod Touch
Nvidia K1
Macbook Pro
Lenovo IdeaTab
MMF 2.1 TT
Cable Inventory
Whatever stuff came in the package. I do not believe in the Chupacabras, the Loch Ness Monster, or expensive wire.
Power-Related Components
I'd have to ask my power supply company.
Other Audio Equipment
McIntosh MC-30 (x2)
McIntosh MC-240 (x2)
Mcintosh MR-67 tuner
GE MS4000 Stereo Classic Amplifier
Rotel RB1070 power amp (x2)
Adcom GFA 5400 power amp
Yamaha RXV-495 MC amp
Yamaha RXV-1500 MC amp
BottleHead Foreplay III preamp
LM1675 DIY Chipamp
Channel Islands D-200 monoblocks (x2)
Parasound HP-850 preamp
Rotel RC-1050 preamp
Behringer UltraCurve digital EQ
Leak TL12.1 power amp
LM3886 DIY Chipamp
12AU7 DIY preamp
MSB Link DACIII with upsampling module
Audio-Related Tweaks
Systems engineer


All you touch, and all you see. Is all your life will ever be.