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    Audio Technica ATH-M50 White Release Date

    Anyone know the official release date for the ATH-M50's White. I looked on amazon and some shops say In Stock while others are like on Preorder. Thanks.
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    Looking for an upgrade from M50

    Don't know too much of what's out there, but recently my Audio Techinca M50's broke and I'm looking for an upgrade that's not too higher in price. Only thing I'm looking for is over ear. Should I be looking for closed/sealed? Should I avoide Any help is greatly appreciated. Don't know any...
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    Non-audiophile looking for headphone advice

    Are the Denon AH-1001 supra-aural? I'm looking for more of circumaural.
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    Non-audiophile looking for headphone advice

    I plan to use them for laptop use (gaming/music) and recording wise like through my USB Audio Interface which requires a 1/4'' jack, which I hope I can easily find a converter if one does not already come with the headphones.   I guess sealed/closed headphones are what I'm looking for. I...
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    Non-audiophile looking for headphone advice

    Recently my Audio-Technica ATH-M45 crapped out on me. And I'm looking for somewhat of an upgrade. The only thing I didn't like about the old headphones were that they weren't noise canceling and that I could still hear sound around me (if that's the right term). My price range is probably around...
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