Broke as **** 'cause of my Hobby, yet i don't regret anything...
Audio, Movies, RC Helicopter and Planes, and other electronical stuff ;D
RC Planes and Heli's
Headphone Inventory
Heir 5.0 IEM, Heir 3.ai, V-Moda M80, Vsonic Gr07BE, Vsonic Gr07, Brainwavz R1, Brainwavz M2
Headphone Amp Inventory
Leckerton UHA-4, Fiio E17, Hippo Cricri, Hippo Cricri+
Source Inventory
2x DIY Mod iPod 5.5, Stock Ipod Video 5.5, Ipod Classic 1G ("iPod 6G"?),iPod classic 2G (Video 6.5G/7G) Clip+
Other Audio Equipment
Grundig/Marantz A904 AMP and Polk Audio TSi 200 Bookshelf's on Stands <3
Grundig R4200 MKII Reciever (Love the old school Grundig's)
Music Preferences
Instrumental Post Rock (65 Days of Static <3, Explosions in the sky, Year of no Light etc...) Metal (A7X, Trivium, Mudvayne...), Post-Hardcore, Rock, Pop-Punk.... some Hiphop (Jazzy stuff like Nujabes, Hocus Pocus and other underground HipHop...)
Eletrical installations in Buildings


Sony WALKMAN F880 64GB, HEIR IEM 5.0