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    Reply to review by 'egosumlux' on item 'iBasso IT03'

    Got the glorious hype machine product myself and found I like it better than westone 30
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    FiiO New Portable Headphone Amp A1 --Classic & Tiny & Metal

    I still have the tiny but powerful E6 and I would love to hear the succesor also keeping my fingers crossed
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    Reply to review by 'egosumlux' on item 'FiiO X5 2nd gen Premium Hi-Res DAP'

    Thanks man I been eyeing this DAP trying to choose between X5ii and AK120 or Plenue M1 I guess the more options you have the harder is to choose
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    Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

    Instead of the M80, go for the XS, the HD25 has no soundstage to talk about, and the AHT-M50X is still v-shaped according to what I read
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    Reply to review by 'egosumlux' on item 'Shanling M3 Portable Digital Audio Player'

    what about a photo of the actual UI?
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    [review] Noontec HammoS

    Interesting....Do you think it can stack up the Superlux HD668B?
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    Reply to review by 'egosumlux' on item 'Astrotec AX7'

    Interesting fact that joker found the treble hot, he likes good extended treble so this guy must be a nail spitter
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    Reply to review by 'egosumlux' on item 'T-Peos Altone 150 in-ear monitor with detachable cables, mic and remote'

    Nice review I like the lack of superflous background history
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    Reply to review by 'egosumlux' on item 'FiiO X3 2nd gen Ultraportable Hi-Res DAP'

    I found it to be slightly v-shaped but very musical and enjoyable a better contender to the Ibasso DX 50 than the original X3 ever was
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    End of Life and Sale on Mad Dog and Alpha Headphones

    First, being a chilean headfier my options are limited Second I am kinda sad for I wanted to test drive the Mad dog for a long time Third I will do my best to get one before there's no turning back Fourth Good luck in your quest for better sound maybe this time you outrun Audeze (a company...
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    head to head sony zx2 to cowon plenue p1

    The P1 is way too bright for you
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    Aune B1 Headphone AMP worldwide review tour --Reviewers Wanted!

    1  Country : Chile , City: Santiago 2  V-Moda M80, Superlux HD668B, Phillips Citiscape Downtown, Vsonic GR04 Pro Flagship edition, Clarity One EB110 and I can borrow the entire Beyerdynamic over ear tesla models from a friend 3  Ipod nano 6th gen, Mac mini using vlc for flac files playback, a...
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    WAV Sounds The Best (To Me)

    WAV 24/192 is great. I wonder if it is nowadays broadcast standard
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    WAV Sounds The Best (To Me)

    Truth be told the professional standard is and will remain to be 24 bit LPCM it still surpases FLAC, DSD and APE