- Philosophy - Metaphysics (Cosmology, Ontology, Nature and Perception)

- History - Early Egyptian / Middle Eastern / Mediterranean / Celtic / Religious

- Physics - Particle, Quantum, M and String Theories, Astronomical
Source Inventory
Ultra Fi DAC 41, MHDT Paradisea 3 (WE396a '52, BB OPA2228P), MHDT Havana
Music Preferences
Home Listening, Modern Classical, Ambient, Field Recordings, Minimal, Electronic, Experimental, IDM, Glitch, Dub Step, Drone, Minimal Dub, Shoegaze, Downtempo, Downbeat, Chill Out, Trip-Hop, Freak Folk, Acoustic, etc. - too many to list and no genres to put them all in.


Main: Foobar - WASAPI - PPA V3 - Ultra Fi DAC 41 & Aubisque USB - Elekit TU-8200DX (300+ tubes)
Sub: Technics SL-1200MK2 - Denon DL160 - Monolithic Sound PS-1/HC-1 (44db, 1k ohms, 270pf)
Ears: Energy RC-10, HSU STF-2, Headphile Senn Elite Modded HD650, Headphile Darth Beyers V7-A, ZMF Auteurs/Aeolus