September 24
Headphone Inventory
Audiophile Headphones:
V-moda crossfade lp, gun-metal Black –
Sennheiser Momentum on-ear, Ivory – incredible!
Sennheiser Urbanite XL, Denim Blue – JUNK, hate hate hate em!.
Sennheiser HD 650 –
Sony MDR1RMK2/S (Japanese Import) silver w/ brown leather pads –
Sony MDR1A/S (Japanese Import) silver w/ brown leather pads –
SonyMDR10RNCIP White –
Grado Prestige SR80i as well as Grado SR125 (Black) and Grado Limited Edition SR325i (Gold) – went through the beatles box set in stereo and mono with these. life-changing experience.
House of Marley Liberate XL, Saddle – I am just absolutely blown away at the quality, style and functionality. I thought I was tossing money away on a gamble likely to lose; just a cash in on the Marley name. Instead I got a set that exceeds my every expectation about 3x more than any other headphone ever has. One of the few sets I can find zero flaws with in terms of design and sound. Leather, wood and burlap make these the best color choice available as well.

Audio-Technica ESW9A Earsuit Le Luxe, Wooden Cups –. I did exactly what I did with my Blue & Copper M50X, I unboxed, I plugged into my ipod and hit play, and I shook my head in disgust and said “What do people think is so great about this brand. It’s so mediocre in every way for every product of theirs I ever tried” but the rest of the audio world disagrees with me and aren’t impressed with most items by Sony, who I love. So I guess it’s like hip-hop, r&b and boy bands… I just don’t get what everyone loves about them. I understand that audio technical makes some of the best looking headphones, but if that’s the qualifier, Sony doesn’t get the credit it deserves. 42 ohm/42mm driver. 103db. 5k~35k hz. African Padauk Wood Housing and lamb skin ear pads.
ATH-ES7 - tainless Steel Housing with glossy finish; Put Earpads and new cord on it, trying my hand at tinkering. As you might assume by the fact that I dislike ATH products and tried to improve these, I quite like the look of these.
ATH-ANC27 Quiet-Point Noise Cancelling Headphones
ATH-WS55BRD Solid Bass Headphones, Metallic Red – Factory Reconditioned; Flawless in terms of looks, but no accessories came with this; Hybrid Housing Design with Accoustically sealed earpads and enhanced bass. Sharp looking, like most ATH products, but not a good fit for my music.

Mid-Range Sony Headphones:
Sony MDR-XB950AP/H Extra Bass Smartphone Headset, Metallic Silver – Really beautiful headphones. Proprietary cable.
Sony MDR-XB600, Black/Brown/Gold – They may not fit my musical taste, but I must say, these and the MDR-X05 are built for comfort; In my opinion, the xb600 vs x05 is an incredibly tough call, perhaps too close to call. I could wear either set all day and never feel like my ears needed a break. The pillows are snug enough to function as noise-isolating, while remaining incredibly comfortable and not too tight, unlike the sennheiser momentum on-ear.
Sony MDR-X05/WS, Simon Cowell X Series Headphones; White/Silver – Made with the ipod/iphone/ipad in mind. 40mm driver. Snug, Comfortable, hard-hitting and beautiful, just like the mdr-xb600, biggest difference simply being style and this one has a british guys name on it, so I guess its more classy and elegant, but with bad teeth.
Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ Headphones
Sony MDR-XD150/W, Movie & Music Sound; White
Sony MDR-XB450/AP, Smartphone & Extra Bass, Metallic Red – Accoustic Bass Booster.

Lower level/budget headphones:
AblePlanet Linx Audio SH190 Traveler’s Choice
Nakamichi 900 Studio Bi-Fold, Brown and Gold
Eskuche Control V2 KRM with apple 3 button mic, cream

Vintage Headsets
Crazy looking, Crazy comfortable and some have shockingly amazing sound
Sony MDR-CD580 Silver and Black – By far the most comfortable of all the vintage sets I have. The cloth on the earpads is just like heaven on my lobes. I really wish Grado could use something similar so my ears don’t feel like a catholic alterboy after the youth group sleep over.
Sony MDR-CD180 Silver and Black –Comfortable cloth earpads like the cd580, not as substantial in terms of build and sturdiness. Obviously very early model, but despite its build, I was very impressed with the sound these generate.
Sony DR-3A Grey – My fav pair of vintage I own in terms of style. Very very unique.
Pioneer SE205, black - No retail packaging/accessories – I call these grenades, cuz that’s what the ears remind me of. Quite nice.
Sonic V, white – No retail packaging/accessories. I like these but wish they had more depth in the ear pads.
GE General Electric 5-1300 Japanese Import, Black; Ear pads are in amazing condition, never used myself.
SE Sterling 16-6000, Black (Japanese Import) – stereo/mono switch as well as volume control on housing.
AKG K240 Semi-Open Studio, Black and Gold – Oddly, these still have the tag on them but lost on ear cap. They may be fairly new, as the pads are still marvelous, but I know it’s a model that’s been around a long time so I’ll just list them as vintage.

Gaming Headsets
Afterglow by PDP
PS Gold Limited Edition Glacier White Wireless Stereo Headset (Sold out years) – Brand new and sealed in retail packaging. Collector’s item.
Sony Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset
Sony PS Silver Wired Stereo Headset– the lower grade version of the PS Gold headset.

Sony MDR-NC31EM Digital Noise Canceling, Black
Sony XBA1IP Balanced Armature for Apple
Sony-MDR-EX83, White; used, eartips replaced
Sony-MDR-EX85LP, Black, w/Soft Clip Case
Headphone Amp Inventory
Non-Headphone audio products:
Fiio Nearly any imaginable, from the gold X1 to the E18, too much to list out in full:
E6 Fujiyama Portable Headphone Amplifier
E11K Kilimanjaro 2 Portable Headphone Amp
E17 Alpen DAC and Headphone Amp
E18 Kunlun Android USB DAC Amp
E17 Alpen + E09K QOGIR– DAC/Headphone Amp with Desktop Docking Station.
HS9 Black Leather Case for X5
X1 HI-RES Lossless Media Player, GOLD + CO2 Clear Protective Back Cover + L8 3.5mm to 3.5mm L-shaped right angle Line Out Stereo to Stereo Cable + L9 Apple Ipod/Iphone/Ipad L-shaped 3.5mm to 5.5cm Line out dock cable (L8 & L9 Cables by Oyaide!) + HS12 stacking unit for X1/X3

Little Bear P2-1, Gold – Hi-Fi Valve Tube Portable Headphone Amp. Brand new in original packaging. Never Used nor have the tubes ever been installed or even removed from the plastic they were wrapped in. Appears to have been some sort of DIY amp; external power cord included.
The Tube Amp Book; this literally arrived in the mail last week, haven’t cracked the heavy sucker open yet
Sony SRS-BTV5 NFC Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker, Hatsune Miku Blue – I opened this up and looked at the speaker, looks insanely cool, but never got around to using it. As stated above, I’m unfamiliar with Bluetooth technology and unwilling to try to learn. I only stopped using vhs tapes because they stopped making them for new movies. I fear change
Kinter MA-170 Amplifier, Handover Hi-Fi Stereo, CD DVD MP3 Input, Metallic Red
TEAC Tascam DR-22wl
Music Preferences
Modest mlouse
Yeah yeah yeahs
Violent femmes
White Stripes
Edward Sharpe
Cold War kids
David Byrne
Talking Heads
St Vincent
Amy Shark
Alabama Shakes
K. flay
the regrettes
miike snow
ugly cassanova
karen o.joanna newsome
lady lamb the beekeeper
the fratellis
tyler the creator
white buffalo
civil wars
youth lagoon
shakey graves
bright eyes
jack white
paul mccartney
john lennon and the plastic ono band