I`m a person with a passion for music and gadgets, so this is a perfect fit.
Music listening and the fun toys that go with it. Dirt bikes and camping are also on that list.
Dirt bikes, camping, movies
Headphone Inventory
Sony MDR CD950, AKG K701, YUIN OKO, Sennheiser
Headphone Amp Inventory
ALO Prescription, RSA XP-7 rolled to AD797, PreSonus Firebox, Penguin Amp Royal BB
Source Inventory
Super IMOD 240gb, sFlo2, Resolution Audio CD 55, Rega P7-Benz Micro Glider w/mods
Cable Inventory
ALO OCC triple pipe cable, ALO XSC Cryo (IMOD), AudioQuest Lapis X3, Nordost Red Dawn, Monster, Music Meter power cables
Power-Related Components
PS Audio PowerPlay 8000
Other Audio Equipment
Aragon Palladium monoblocks, Arum pre-amplifier, Southerland PHD phono pre-amp, ADS L1530 speakers
Audio-Related Tweaks
Too many to list. I'm a tweaker :)
Music Preferences
Jazz, pop, rock, folk
Optima PK-301 pocket projector , Diablo Sport Predator for my GTO, Logitech Harmony 1000 AV remote
Sales Manager