Just a average guy who always has a pair of headphones on his head.
Yamaha fan
Headphones of course, audio equipment, Music listening, hiking, exploring, computers, engines, etc
Speakers, jets
Headphone Inventory
Stax SR-L-700mk2

Stax SR-L300

Drop/Hifiman HE-5xx

Drop/DCA Aeon X


Shouer Tape pro

Audeze LCD-i3 (new fave IEM)

Audeze LCD-2F Shedua (hail to the king)

Audeze iSine 10 (second fave IEM)

Sennheiser HD-650

Etymotic ER4 XR

Kennerton Ikiz

Audeze EL-8(Again a top headphone)

Audio Technica AD900X

Audio Technica M50x blue

Sony MDR-ZX700

Beyerdynamic T90

Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro

Beyerdynamic DTX-910

Yamaha RH10ms

Yamaha HP-2(ohhhh another fave)

Grado SR60i (kinda harsh, great for metal)

jvc flats (meh, use em for working out, and such)

Apple earpods(yeah yeah....shut up, bass monsters)

Koss: UR-55 (pretty good sound for a Koss, bass ok, vocals kinda hollow)

Sennheiser: HD-201 (sounds excellent, power hungry)

Shure: SRH840 (one of the best dynamic headphones i've heard)

Sony MDR-V6

Sony XBA-1

Sony: MDR-150 (great lil lightweight)

Fostex t50rp (sounds sweet, even unmodded, thats right I said it bwaahaahaaahaaaa)

AKG K-701 no. 1401 (excellent airy sound, can go low, requires a nuclear reactor to drive)

Hifiman HE-400

AKG K-270

Mitsubishi XHP-10 ( sounds fairly good once you tweak the EQ, best for metal, rock, and classic rock)

Sansui SS-10(sounds remarkable, ESP considering its age.)

Sansui SS-50

AKG K-160 600ohm (surprisingly easy to drive)

Sonic International, Sonic II (very tinny)

UE Triple-fi 10
Headphone Amp Inventory
Stax D-10
Stax SRM-252S
Fiio Q3
Ifi idsd black label
Little Bear B4-X
Fiio E11
Aune B1
Little Dot Mk2 w/ Raytheon 5654 drives
Creative E5
Source Inventory
Nintendo Switch
Yamaha RX-V659bl
Ipod 4g
Cowon a2(out of commission)
iPhone XS Maxx
powemac g4 md
PowerBook g4 17 inch
MacBook Pro 2013
Palm t5( has a loud built in amp, use it for the k701)
Silicon Graphics Octane(also has a very loud headphone output)
Silicon Graphics O2
Nokia N800
Palm Pre-2
Microsoft ZuneHD
Archos Juke15
Lenovo Miix 2 8in. (Intel SST pretty damn good, drives the 600ohms nice, loud, lots of bass)
PS Vita
Ibasso DX80 ( no longer need to fix the Cowon)
Other Audio Equipment
Aiwa 3 ways

Yamaha NS-AP2800 2-way


Linn Index
Music Preferences
Anything but new rap
Ford Fiesta SE
Silicon Graphics Octane
iPhone 12 Pro max


Stax SR-L-700 MKII+SRM-D10