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    What's your favorite headphone? If you could only have one.

    HD820 does everything right for me, with the huge plus of being closed back. Previously owned: Sennheiser HD800 & HD650, Hifiman HE500, Focal Elear, BeyerDynamic DT880, AKG Q701, Smeggy Thunderpants, Fostex T40RP (BMF DBV#3)
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    Sennheiser HD820

    Big Thanks to @jude and the posters in this thread who said the 820 needs to be heard instead of judging them by graphs and polarizing reviews. I've always wanted a good closed back because my listening environment is usually a little too noisy for open backs. I picked up a pair off the...
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    [SOLD] Denafrips Ares II

    [SOLD] Like new condition, just received it from Denafrips monday. I paid $819 including currency conversion. Comes with original box, power cord, and I'm adding a USB cable. Price includes pp fees and insured shipping to US48.
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    Will the Sennheiser HD800s price ever actually fall?

    No, Sennheiser has been using MAP (minimum advertised price) agreements to keep the price where it is. I only buy used but I've heard people can bypass MAP by contacting headphone stores and asking for their best price.
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    [SOLD] HE500

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    [SOLD] HE500

    FocusPads and non angled leather earpads.
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    [SOLD] HE500

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    [SOLD] HE500

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    [SOLD] HE500

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    Drop x HiFiMAN HE-5XX

    Looks like Drop got a response on the Deva vs 5XX question and pinned an update to their discussion page. " Is the 5XX a reskin of the DEVA? No, the driver is a completely different design. The HE-5XX has the same number of magnets as DEVA (thus comparable weight), but a dual sided magnetic...
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    [SOLD] HE500